great news!

I already tried to fix Kookaburra, but it was too I use FireBoard, due to the better userintegration (+ CommunityBuilder).

Between the first and the second quartal of 2006 I began to develop, an austrian/german Unreal Tournament 3 Community.

After trying tons of cms, mods, styles and webhosters is now in a "stable" version wink

I use Nucleus for news and static pages, punBB a forum software.
Nucleus Style was originally Stanch, but I modified it.
punBB Style is a little modified version of BlackSexy2.
Maybe I will make a unique design to both, site and forum...


Please post your thoughts regarding design and if your able to read/speak german feel free to comment content too wink

Paul wrote:

All you do is add the contents of PunBB's stylesheets to your Nuclues stylesheet and then edit header.php so it points to the combined stylesheet rather than PunBB's own stylesheet directory. Thats what mambo seem to have done in the example you gave.

sry for bumping this old thread but i'm not really familiar with stylesheets, so can somebody please make a short tut?

I want to add punBB to my german Unreal Tournament 3 Fansite - - and I would be glad to use the same header wink
thx, Sephiroth

EDIT: ok I managed this by myself wink - look @

cool. i'll give it a try.

edit: it works(only tested extern links, no intern). thx