Shiva wrote:

Have I missed something?

Yes... I forgot the topic_id. wink

I had to "repair" several posts in a database manually. Everything worked fine with one exception.

The line is like this:

insert into `punbb_posts` values ('3832', 'poster', 'poster id', null, null, 'message', '0', '1154252921', null, null, '0');

All posts in thread were shown except 3832...

Any idea? Have I missed something?

Has anybody any experiences with storing old postings in an archive (perhaps an additional installation of PunBB)? What would be the best solution for an archive?

Okay, I found what causes this. There was an echo command before the string include().

Rickard wrote:

Very strange indeed. I very much doubt it's a problem with extern.php though. Having a look at the output from extern.php, we can see that PunBB isn't spitting that 1 out: … amp;show=3

I think it has to do with the script, extern.php is included.

Thank you anyway!

I tried to integrate extern.php into a script with the string




The inclusion works, but at the end of inclusion the display shows "1".

You can find a test installation at

(inclusion highlighted in red)

What could cause this?


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Can you recommend a photo gallery? Have you made some experiences?

My favorites at the moment are, and, but I cannot decide...

Me too! smile


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collegemasti wrote:

problem solved.

And what was the problem? Not reloading the page perhaps?

Thank you for the hint!

I think it was a server issue: Now it works again without any changes.

I had the following include to show the newest topics of my messageboard:


It works fine, but now I get suddenly the following error:

Warning: main(): URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/xxx/domains/ on line 2

Warning: main( … amp;show=3): failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/xxx/domains/ on line 2


Has the server configuration changed? Is ist possible to include with the relative path name (I tried it but without any success...)?


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I now have found an interesting one:


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Does anybody know a FAQ script (Perl or PHP) as nice as PunBB? wink


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My hosting company disabled AWStats due to vulnerabilities.

Is there any recommendation for a good (and free or cheap) online script to analyze logfiles or a software that does the job offline?


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Is there any update? What I'm looking for is a wiki as reduced to the max as PunBB. wink


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This is possible. I will test it.


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As I understand group-id 32000 means an unconfirmed user. Normally their activate_string and activate_key are NULL. 

What does it mean, if their activate_string and activate_key have values?

Connorhd wrote:

the easiest way if possible is to rename an existing options

An intersting idea. Thank you!


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I found a solution with .htaccess where I added the following entry:

Redirect permanent /punbb/index.php

It's not very elegant, but it works...


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Is ist possible to have one forum with one category and to show for example ten or twenty topics on the index page?

A classic Perl script is Links v2.0 available at

It is distributed as Shareware, free for non-profit and individual use, $150 US for commercial use.

An interesting PHP script is dB Masters' Directory available at

It is freely usable as long as the small link back to the site stays.

I like both of them.

Connorhd wrote:

well upgrade punbb then redo the edits on 1.2.4 or patch punbb one version at a time

however, do NOT run install_mod.php

Same procedure for upgrading to 1.2.5? And what exactly means "patch punbb one version at a time"?

Thank you! Works fine!

I'm a little bit confused... Is a fresh install of PM on PunBB 1.2.4 possible or not?