Hi there,
I never could get the previously mentioned wiki system to work with 1.2.*.  Lotsa errors etc and I am no good at that kind of codeing.
I really like what you have going with the DocuWiki, looks to be more comprehensive then the other wiki.  I have been waiting this long on the other one, I am now looking forward to a release of the integration for this.


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hcgtv wrote:

Galleries fall into 2 classes, 100's of images or 1000's of images.

One day I plan on having a gallery with over 100,000 images.

Yeah, that is deffinitley a valid point.  I wouldnt use minigal for a large amount of images either.  For a small amount it is fine.  For large galleries or a more robust system I usally use ick "Gallery" and "Coppermine".  (currently looking into other options for large robust photo managment systems)

I was just wondering about the statement made earlier in the thread about "pic = a page" and thinking maybe I missed something when looking at the scripts.  I am trying fill in some gaps in my php/script knowledge here.  The way minigal works I thought it was doing the opposite of "pic = a page".  I might be wrong, I just dont know.


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Rod wrote:

Don't like them ... don't like all the stuff actually about the galleries ... always this system a pic = a page ...

Maybe I dont understand what your talking about.  But when I installed and tested MG2 (Minigal v.2), the entire gallery is run out of two pages, 1. index, which handles all the public viewing functions. and 2. admin, which handles all the admin functions.  It does not create thumbnails but generates them on the fly (I am not sure how, there is a very tiny 4byte file with ÿØÿà in it with .thmb extension). 

I have installed the gallery twice one with 30 images and the other with 60+ and so far it is fast and works well. It was fairly easy to integrate (I did a very basic integration into Wordpress).


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I know there is always a lot of chatter about looking for image galleries that can be used with punbb, people looking for small, simple, etc etc.  Recently I have come across two gallery scripts that might be what some people are looking for.

Simple PHP gallery 

MG2 (Minigal v.2) 

I havnt messed with trying to integrate either of these, I was looking at them for a Wordpress install and thought they might be perfect here.

I dug through the script and was unable to come to any conclusuions.  My php skills are not that good.  I did manage to get rid of the previous error, I went through and updated PUN_ROOT but now I am returned a blank page.

So I will have to wait.  Hopefully someone can look through this and give a hand.

(by the way I have it installed on a test site that is NOT in my sig)

I wouldnt use the common.php file that comes with the uploadmod.  I did not use it and the upload installed without any problems.  (I installed it on a test site)
I choose not to use the common.php file becuase when you open it up and look at it this is right there around line 25

define('PUN_ROOT', '/home/rutopia2/public_html/xworlds/');

so either change the line when you install, or do like I did and dont use it, unless your site directory is '/home/rutopia2/public_html/xworlds/'.


Edward wrote:

Will Wiki work with 1.2.1?

out of the box I have not been able to get it to work with 1.2.x
Although, if I knew what I was doing, I would probably be able to sus out the errors I am getting, but my php skills are not that good.
My progress so far trying to install on 1.2.x
installation went well (this is just a guess becuase when I call the wiki page I get an error)
Most of the menus and options show up, not exactly like you would expect, this I assume is becuase of the layout changes from 1.1.5 to 1.2.x.  But more or less they seem to be where the should.  There are a few slight modifications that needs to be made is in the admin_options.php options changes so it will layout properly  (just update the html and remove the table and a couple of the td and tr until it looks right.)

The error I get when I try and call wiki.php is

The constant PUN_ROOT must be defined and point to a valid PunBB installation root directory.

I looked at the page, and it seems to me that it is pointing in the right direction, I am assuming the error is becuase of the differences between 1.1.5 and 1.2.x
I noticed that the syntax looks a little different between the two, I dont know how to sort it out though. 

cant wait for an update to 1.2.x or someone with a clue to give me a hand. 

This is a fantastic addon and I would really like to put it to use.



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Ok, getting a little closer.  I went back, again, scrapped the new divs that I created, started over and found some layout options in the css tables. It is closer now than it was before, but I am still runninng into a css layout problem. 
take a look

can someone throw me a bone, and I will go away with this problem.



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XML declaration gone.

Layout still screwy.


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Hey again.
Now in need of CSS help.
I have been messin around and I have the table removed from that area mentioned above.  But I have run into a css problem.  It is viewable from this link.

http://www.t-cup.org/forum_test/include … itled.html

I have the css included in the header for now, so it is viewable without downloading the css file, once I get it sorted out I will move it to the css file.  I am trying to reign in the green block that runs off the screen, and move the bottom of the "box" up.  I am thinking that I may need to adjust a css setting else where in the css file but I am not that good with css so I am in need of some help.



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The News | links bit is something we keep moving around, we just settled it right there for now, becuase graphics are being made for the text links in upper right corner.  Once we get those I think we are going to move them. 

The table at the top of the othe forum pages was something that I was trying to avoid.  My skills are lacking for trying to achieve a similar result with out the table.  If someone can give me a shove in the right direction I would be greatful.


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I have just finished adjusting an install of 1.2. 

This is my test forum, all adjustments and modifications made here and will be transfered to a live punbb 1.1.5 as soon as this one is ready.


The live site is viewable from my sig.

Removed  / changed the fore mentioned class and that worked.



I am working on a test site, implementing all my changes etc. before I apply them to the live site.  I am almost done with my changes to the templates and layouts (colors and graphics are next).

In one section I am getting only partial text display.  I created an index page that has a couple of colums.  In the colum on the right is where the forum <punmain> is displayed.  In the colum on the left I have the announcement, punstatus and a couple of my own dodads.  In the pun status is where I am having the problem.  It displays all of the info that it should but only the first 19.5 characters (including spaces).  After that it looks like someone cut the rest of the text out of the box.  I have dug through the code in the header.php file, and through the css file and I cannont seem to locate what will be causing this.  If I look at the source of the page all of the text is there, but does not print to the screen.

I did make one change to the header.php file, I switched this
<p class="conr"> to this <p class="conl"> (in lines 171 and 173) which allowed some status stuff to align on the lefft.

Any help. 

you can see it here

*login info removed. Problem solved thanks to Paul*

I am not done modifying this yet, so there are still a couple of oddities elsewhere, all being addressed, this is the only one that is baffling me.

Anything is possible.  But, a function like that would add a lot of lines of code that I would guess they would like to stay away from (keeping the code trim and fast).
A mod would seem to be the likely route, and is something that I would be interested in.
But what do I know, I am still new here.



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I have had good luck with Geeklog has lots built in, lots of mods and addons to accomplish most anything.

Sometimes I roll my own, but base it around Absolute Engine which is a cms / news posting script.  I use this alot becuase it is easily integrated into any site design, I can mod it easily etc.  It also lets you have three levels of users, admins, editors, and contributers.  Very handy.


My bad. 
I made the mod page that I was working on the main page, so the link ended up being dead.  The page is now at  http://www.tictalktea.com
I have made further changes, less drastic than I was originally trying.  I found an easier way to accomplish what I wanted to do (for the short term anyway).  I am still working on a mod based on what I started earlier, I will post an updated address sometime in the near future.



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Hey there.

I have gone ahead and made my modified page the main page.  The colors and graphics are not changed and added yet.  But I will post back as soon as we have them done.
so the only link that works now is,


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I have a forum that is just starting life (5 users, and 8 posts, I would be excitied but I have ended up being 3 of the users.).
I have just finished working on some mods to what I hope will be the main entry page. The forum is live now, and is rather bare bones.  But if I can get some feed back on the new entry page, I would be greatful.

You will notice that I have yet to custom the colors and add my graphics everywhere, but I wanted to get the layout, and function done first._

and this link is to the default entry page (which will disapear as soon as I am comfortable with the mods on the new one.

also, if you use the forum navigation near the top of the page, it will take you to the default home page, and not my mod. This will change when I make the switch.

many thanks

I have hobbled something together, that will work in the mean time.  What I did was, duplicated the footer page, deleted the stuff I do not want displayed, and then moved the <pun_footer> tag to where I want it displayed in the template.  I then added a static footer to the bottom of the template page.  This will work, but it is something that I would like to change and eliminate the static bits, and generally clean it up.
Here is a link to what I have done. 


You will notice that I have yet to custom the colors and add my graphics everywhere, but I wanted to get the layout, and function done first. 
Tomorow I will post with a little more detail exactly what I did, and how.

I am holding on to that as a last resort, or a intermediate fix. 
Speaking of http://www.mirc-chat.net/ the mini portal is where I got the mod to change the "whose online" section.  The same mod is where I am getting my inspiration for making my changes.  I have done something similar, but it is not printing in correctly and in the right areas (for the most part not at all).
I still have your suggestion as a last resort.

I am busy customizing an install of 1.1.5. 
I am creating a different layout, for the entry page.  My page has my navigational header, then the forum header, I moved the user info from the header and placed it in the next section. 
The next section has two parts, a left and right.  The right is where I placed <pun_main> (I have made no changes to this), in the left side I would like to the "whos online" which I have accomplished, and I would also like to move the unanswered posts section from the footer to the left side.  That is where I am stumped. 
Has anybody done this, or now of a mod.