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teh giveaway was just a comment that it was the same folks. I see your point. Just the red flagging raised some concerns - especially from a company that appears to have no other presence that comes up and is (though it shouldn't be a concern) from a relatively obscure part of the world smile


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Intereesting because the freedownloadmanager.org site also is(was?) geting flagged red by McAfee's SiteAdvisor. Same folks then as giveawayoftheday.com.


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I know I'm a new user here, actually I just signed up as I was going to download PunBB for testing as a new forum I'de be working on.

While having a sponsor is a good thing this doesn't seem to be the case in that ownership was transfered - that's a bit more than just a sponsor. This is also not necessarily a bad thing either.

What I would like to ask is whether the new owner is the same SoftDeluxe that owns the Free Download Manager product (also GPLed) that is listed on SpyWare Guide?