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Sure, that's probably what I'll do. I'm just wondering what will happen with 1.3, since the variable names of the database are going to be different... Mods that alter database won't follow unless upgraded, I suppose.


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Connorhd wrote:

Ok, i'm struggling a bit to answer this well, but this wasn't a move against Rickard, whatever happens in the future he is currently not active in PunBB or FluxBB, and therefore he is not in control of PunBB, which is what our problem is. We were happy to be under his "command" but not the new owners.
I'll hope to see you around smile

This is much clearer to me : PunBB isn't punbb anymore if nore developpers, nore initial conceptor stand behind. fluxbb should remain much closer to the actual punbb project. I'm switching as soon as I can get all the mods I installed run on fluxBB... Wich could be long hmm

Ok, thanks for the news Twohawks, I'm not sure I'll be the first to rush upon the 1.3 version, unless all the mods I installed feet allwright...

I will probably seem insistant, but this part of your first message seemed to explain how to do what I was looking for:

twohawks wrote:

This was okay up until in steps 19, 20, and 21 where it askes you to edit line 36 in profile.php, because in this version of punbb the lines have already been edited to something else (and I am unsure how to figure out what to do without sitting down and studying it, ...something not for tonite!)

Sooo...  so I went ahead and tested it without that last edit, and everything seems to work great..., excepting that if the guest goes into a post they do see the Poster's ident as a clickable link ...which just so happens to let them into to view that individual's profile  ;^(

I suppose I could try this when I get some free time.

Well, it's not that I want to customize anything that isn't allready possible on PunBB : it's just that I was desappointed to realise that this mod blocks access to other members profiles, usually accessible from there posts OR the list... For instant, if you click on "new morning" on the left handside of this post, you will access to my profile, through profile.php, and I don't see why this is related to the access of the userlist, commanded through userlist.php

But I experienced it on my own forum, when I'm logged as a "member" instead of "admin" or "moderator", I can't access to the list (which is the purpose of this mod) NORE other members' profile (which I did not intend to block) to see, for exemple, how many post they made, real name, ICQ, etc.).

When I installed this mod, I only meant to block access to the userlist, not to other members profile : did I make any mistake, probably related to the change of code you mentionned above that occured in PunBB 1.2.17 ? otherwise I don't see the logic in blocking both userlist AND profile in the same mod.

Thanks for trying to figure out my needs, Twohawks, but I'm not so sure I've been clear enough or that I precisely get your point : I don't want posting users to access the "mega" list including all the users, nore a list including all the users that did post (but that option would be allwright, since they allready appear somewhere in the forum) : I just want them to access to "profile" section where personnal data can be shown or hidden according to the user's preferences, and this profile section would only be possible to access if the link is somewhere, i e on the left side on this users'message.

Does that make sense to distinguish between the users' "profile" sections and the general "userlist" section ? It seems that the first one matches with "profile.php" and the second one with "userlist.php", and I don't see the point in the present "userlist_access" mod in restricting access to profile.php... Is it inherent to PunBB's structure ?

Thanks for answering Twohawks, though I would have appreciated a more optimistic statement :\

This the "logic" of my demand.

I created a "secured" forum for a non-profit organisation : only members of the organisation are allowed to read and post. Since it would have been rather complicate to check every suscription, I personaly suscribed every member with a very usefull mod called "batch user register".

The trouble is that amoung the hundreds of suscribed members, some probably woudn't fancy beeing on a list visible by so many. That is why I looked for a mod hiding the whole list.

On the  other hand, those who post on the forum know that there names are clearly visible (usernames are real names) and probably don't mind to show what they personaly wrote in there "profile" for everyone to see. This is why I'm asking how to do the trick, and saught that the troubles you described up above could be my solution smile


I installed this mod easely and found it awsome, since it was just what I was looking for... Except on one point : it's probably linked to twohawks' message, but on the other way round :

1) I don't want members to access to the whole alphabetical userlist, so I checked the "no" choice to the "viewuserlist" plugin in the admin panel : success.

2) I want members to access to writer's profile who post messages : this is blocked by this mod, and I would like to know what to change no unlock this possibility without unlocking access to the whole userlist.

Should I do exactly the reverse operation that suggested by twohawks 2 messages above ?

found it: register.php and login.php. look for "25" and replace with the number required.


I suscribed new users manually, upon wich some have such a long user name that it won't fit in the "loggin" window.

Any idea of how to change that ? What file should I inspect first ?


I was under PHP 4 and asked to upgrade to PHP 5... I hoppe this will solve the problem.

By the way, is this GD correctly configured ?

gd :
GD Support     enabled
GD Version     2.0 or higher
FreeType Support     enabled
FreeType Linkage     with freetype
T1Lib Support     enabled
GIF Read Support     enabled
GIF Create Support     enabled
JPG Support     enabled
PNG Support     enabled
WBMP Support     enabled

Koos wrote:

Are you using the latest version of this mod (v1.3.3)?


-  Also make sure that your  php version is not outdated
phpMyAdmin 2.7.0-pl1

- and that gd has been configured properly.

What is GD ?

Well, I fixed that part of the pb : I had to CHMOD all files in the 'cache' directory. Now I still can't use this mod : I get a blank screen.  can someone have a look at what happens ? (www.francafrique.infos.st) / http://www.francafrique.infos.st/uploadimg.php


I was very happy to find - at last - an easy installing mod to post images on my forum. Unfortunatly, it seems that I can't add the additionnal menu item since I get this message :

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to write configuration cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'.

I thought about a 777 CHMOD on the cache directory, with no avail. Is there anything more to do to get "write access" ?