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Hello i have been searching around the forums for a while and came up empty handed.
I wonder if there is someway to change the users online time span?
For example instead of active users last 5 minutes i want maybe 3 hours.
Which file can i use to edit this?

Thanks and happy new year!

Finally solved it.
BIG thanks to Smartys and Rickard.

*Case closed*


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i am really stuck at this problem sad

Smartys wrote:

I don't know what the problem is, so I don't know how to solve it tongue
Could you email me a username/password for an admin user to check this out? My email is smartys at this domain.

Check your email smile

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9_-]+)/?$ /index.php?string=$1

Tried this also

Smartys wrote:

Indeed: nothing points to index.php on that page either

? Please describe further what you are meaning.
Possible solution(s)?

Many thanks


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My eyes! my eyes! are bleeding sad


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Vi skulle nog uppdatera till nyare versionen
We should update to the new version
Aan de nieuwe versie zou moeten bijwerken


Smartys wrote:

What happens when you try to save?

When i push the save button it is simply going back to forum home/main categorys.
Shouldn't there be an redirected sign/page coming up when saving?

Many thanks
Velen Dank

First of all our forum was located at www.---.info/forum
When i then tried to change style it redirected to www.---.info
So i then tried to change then moved the forum back on our main domain
And that's where i am now. If i am trying to save something in our administration panel it simply does not save the new settings.
I have tried the following
*Updated base_url in phpmyadmin (did not work)
*Cleared out everything in the cache directory (yes it is set to 777)
*Disabled my parked domains
*Checked the confiq.php settings and everything seems to be right there
*Also disabled force https AES 256 BIT cert (in htaccess)

Any ideas? i feel like i have tried everything now and i still does not work to save any options.
Can this problem be related to our dns settings we recently changed our ips on ns1.---.info and ns2.---.info .

Ill hope i am getting some help here because we are really stuck with this problem

Kind regards DZ