Teehee: you were a PunBB-Hosting user? wink

Just change the version to 1.2.21 in the database.


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MattF wrote:
Jérémie wrote:

stop releasing 3 years after the facts.

Not sure what you mean by that bit.

Note the date there wink


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Matt: You've hit on the precise problem. smile


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hcgtv wrote:

This forum, either has to remain active or redirect to the fluxbb.org forums, plain and simple.

Unfortunately, that's not my call to make. Personally, I feel I can't do support here for two reasons:

  • I'm neither a developer nor a user of PunBB anymore and to pretend otherwise would be a disservice to PunBB users who expect the people giving them support to be versed in the software. While that may make little difference now, in the future supposedly PunBB will have some more features that diverge from the FluxBB code base

  • I would feel the same way I felt when I was coding for SoftDeluxe before the fork: that I was unpaid labor for a company that was benefiting from my work and that didn't listen to my opinion

hcgtv wrote:

If I started to hang out again, it's because you all vacated the premises. If I can explain it in graphic terms, picture the Marines walking into empty Baghdad palaces at the beginning of the Iraq war. I've tried to do my best to help out and I've been equally critical of both sides.

And you have done a fine job of it. wink
In all honesty though, your criticism (at least from my perspective) is much appreciated.

hcgtv wrote:

Moving forward, you call it Neal, this is your baby now.

It isn't though. I'm not the sole developer of FluxBB, nor am I its head developer. FluxBB is not just mine, it's Paul's and Connor's and Kristoffer's as well. And it's not just ours either. We didn't fork out of a lust for power or control. We forked so that the community could enjoy the forum software to the fullest. We promised the community that we would fork if the need ever arose: we kept that promise.


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Matt: You're also right. A lot of the problem has to do with the name.

People who haven't been following this issue are bound to be confused: they come to the PunBB forum and they see new owners, they see a different looking forum then they have, they see a link to download "PunBB 1.3 RC1."

They also see the references to FluxBB. If they investigate, they get even more confused: they see that the old PunBB developers created FluxBB, that it was based on the original 1.3 codebase, that PunBB is now based off of the forked FluxBB codebase, that FluxBB is currently still in beta while PunBB is in RCs (how is that possible when they use the same codebase?), etc.

As much as we might want to make a "clean break," we can't. For better or for worse, PunBB has chosen to tie itself to FluxBB. And from FluxBB's history, it is tied to PunBB. The codebases have been tied together and the community is very much tied together (after all, many of the people on the FluxBB forum originally came from here).

The names cause confusion, but I don't really see a good way of handling any kind of separation without users paying an even higher price.


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headbuster wrote:

I guess "bunkum" means rubbish?

Looks like it smile


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hcgtv wrote:
Smartys wrote:

PunBB 1.3 is based off of FluxBB 1.3 wink

Which is based off of PunBB 1.3 Beta: http://punbb.informer.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=18151

A fact which we don't deny and which we made clear at the time of release and in our "about" page. The difference is that we (the FluxBB developers) wrote the code which we forked from.
Point taken though. wink

hcgtv wrote:

Well, let me say from a user perspective, this PunBB/FluxBB situation is not working in it's current state. If FluxBB will reign supreme, then close off this support forum, cause it's just very confusing and will do nothing but push people away. And I'm not being negative, just calling it like I see it.

I 100% agree with you. At this point, we have:

PunBB 1.2
FluxBB 1.2
PunBB 1.3 Beta
PunBB 1.3 RC1
FluxBB 1.3 Beta 2
FluxBB 1.3 Beta 2.5 (the "release" we made from SVN without Paul's markup changes)
FluxBB 1.3 SVN (with Paul's partially completed markup changes)

and two different support websites, one of which (this one) was fairly lackluster until recently in terms of answering questions. It's a nightmare trying to figure out what version someone is actually running, which is necessary to know before you're able to help them.

We would appreciate any suggestions you have on how to deal with the matter.

[Note from here: this is NOT me speaking in my capacity as a FluxBB developer. I have not discussed these ideas with any of the other developers. These are entirely my own personal opinions. Consider it a "what if" musing.]

In my opinion, the best way to go forward would be for the FluxBB developers to repurchase the rights that they sold and reclaim the domain name, name, etc from the Russians. The fork and its repercussions, while necessary, have been frustrating to everyone involved, both users and developers. This back and forth between the two teams in terms of releases, shared code bases, etc has done little to help the matter. Consolidating back into one code base and one team, under the original name of PunBB, would greatly improve matters.

However, I don't think such a thing is possible. For one thing, I don't know that the Russians want to give up PunBB. For another, I have a feeling that repurchasing the rights would cost more than we as a team could afford, especially since we are smaller than we were when the original deal was made.


headbuster wrote:

I guess you have the team has split because of an argument and punBB was born?



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headbuster: You have it backwards. PunBB 1.3 is based off of FluxBB 1.3 wink

Mmm, catfight tongue

My question is whether the link to fluxbb.net (as opposed to .org) was intentional or not tongue


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It would also be neater if the stats didn't always say 0 and 0. Is anyone else seeing that? tongue


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Ooh, you forgot a couple!

  • Used some creative Javascript to get quickjump form working properly with SEF URLs.

  • Finished per-style templates so that all templates can be replaced on a per-style basis.

  • Changed the way form emails are sent (and the way the forum_mail function works). Rather than spoofing the sender's email address as the From address (which leads to all kinds of nasty issues), we instead provide a way to set the Reply-To header.


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This was a bug that was fixed in 1.2.17

It's not on a shared host (as far as I know), informer.com is the only other site hosted.


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I knew that would work! Now, I'm off to sell some code! I mean, I'm off to code! (Damn, strikethrough BBCode would be so useful right now).


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hcgtv wrote:
Connorhd wrote:

We hope that everyone can check out our site and that those who wish to do so will register and become a part of our new community.

I did: http://fluxbb.org/forums/user/15/

It's been a fun week, nostalgic to say the least.

Then it hit me today, what prevents you guys from selling FluxBB to the next bidder?

As Connor said, nothing physically or legally. However, I would estimate that doing something like that would be a betrayal of trust large enough to kill the community, and thus not something we would ever care to do (even if we were motivated by large sums of money).

hcgtv wrote:
Paul wrote:

The fact they choose to go their own way knowing that in practice they could still end up providing PunBB with all the code for nothing should tell you something.


How many of you on the original coding team raised their hand and said, "Hell no, we won't sell"?

Hindsight is 20-20. This setup could have worked out very well and it turned out it didn't. And many of us agreed to the deal in the first place, even if we had some reservations/weren't particularly enthusiastic about it, because of how it was presented to us. You know that: you were a part of that conversation. The fact that you make me bring it up makes me think that your point there was, more than anything else, to try to discredit us. Not very nice. wink

hcgtv wrote:
Connorhd wrote:
hcgtv wrote:

Then it hit me today, what prevents you guys from selling FluxBB to the next bidder?

I think its pretty obvious this is not our plan, but anyway, do you really think something should prevent us?

No, not at all, you have every right to take GPL code and do what you desire with it.

Like I do.

Indeed, you do. So if you don't trust us and want to fork, go ahead and do so. If we sell the code again, go ahead and fork. Please, be our guest. Just do us all a favor and stop it with the FUD until we do something shady that deserves it? Please? smile


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Yes, click edit group for your group. You get group options to change, including the flood timeout.


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You can edit it in admin groups


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Oh. I don't know where the $destination_url = 'index.php'; line came from, just remove that.


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Looks right to me


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sirena: It isn't.
Alastor: Go to admin bans, click on "Add" next to username, which takes you to the "advanced" page. Then enter
11.11 11.12 11.13
as the IP.


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To correct my answer to the first post, you should have
11 12 13
since you don't want to allow people on 11.001.something


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11.11 11.12 11.13


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11.000 12.000 13.000

set it with the dot in the beginning. That means the cookie works for speakmoroccan.com and all subdomains of it, so one cookie works for www.speakmoroccan.com and speakmoroccan.com.

No problem smile
The .htaccess file is still useful, but if it's not working follow my suggestion for cookie domain.