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Meowmeow wrote:

They say the installation of PunBB is "hard"...

That's exactly what I couldn't comprehend either.
There is nothing easier or harder by installing the other forums then pun.
Gotta be a "paid minus point" or the reviewer is a noob. But then again how would the installation
of the other forums be any easier?
1. Copy files in Folder
2. Start install form that folder..


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By the way, you can easily test all kind of forums here:

As a admin, user, moderator, and so on. I went for pun..


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The theme looks good to me. What bothers most is the new structure in the administration panel.
Although it's more structured and organized it's unnecessary. But that's a subject to one's viewpoint.

For a board like phpBB and alike it's makes more sense cuz they are jam packed with stuff punbb doesn't have nor need.
Punbb <1.3 is more then intuitive enough. I started using it a week ago and found everything at on look in the admin panel.
There was no looking or thinking under which category it might hide. It was just there at the first look. It was perfect.
And I'm saying this as someone who just isn't to much used to it, to accept a new style but as a novice who tried many forums in the last weeks.

There is a reason for people choosing pun before others. Don't loose that quality by going phpBB style. It was very well organized till now.. (kudos to rickard for that)

Hey just registered again under my real username since I decided to stay here for a while and using punbb.
It's me, testingpunbb btw.
We just managed as of today to implement reCaptcha in our testforum thanks to smartys, which came
up with an tutorial he found on google.

Now we are curious if one of you guys maybe thinks of making a recaptcha plugin for V1.3 ?
Any interest in this at all?


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Just testing......