ok i fix it, i just took the google form out of the table and create a style for the form and it works good.

after i organize the new code i put it right after:

require PUN_ROOT.'header.php';


<div id="searchform" class="blockform">
    <h2><span><?php echo $lang_search['Search'] ?></span></h2>
    <div class="box">

In the search.php file

if you want to see it check here http://dreamweaver.vg/forum/search.php

ok thank any way, happy new year

is any one setup Adsense google custom search already in to the punBB?

jlangrock wrote:

I have a Question regarding the search function.
It works perfect for the forum, but with related pages, it doesn't work yet.
Example search for the name Fabre
http://galopp-sport.eu/forumgalopp/uplo … =603109459 it will come up with one hit
but there is a custom page http://www.galopp-sport.eu/forumgalopp/ … e.php?id=3 whre the name is also included.

My question, does anybody had add the custom pages any any other related pages to the search system ?

you have to put a google or yahoo custom search, normally people use google because the adsense. i just installed the yahoo custom search, so people, can search for pages in the whole site and search just in the forum.


i am  working on it, but you can see the work.

happy new year


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Maybe you have to change to a better host


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i setup yahoo search into the search page, but i want to setup google adsense custom search, i did try but the style brakes the search box


i am working on the site so don't expect a super site


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solace wrote:

no one? :-/

i did the same today, we will see how it works. i think is ok, because is after everything loads

Ok I already installed reCAPTCHA for new registrations, but now i need to install it for posts and replies.

my forum is and is in spanish so Register=Regístrate is you want to check it.

the forum is open to any one that want to post or reply, thats way i need this.

thanks for any help