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SuperMAG wrote:

what was the reason anatoly left

not related with PunBB


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kalle11 wrote:

but only one thing is missing, I don't find any swedish language pack, funny.. wasn't it a
swede who started punbb?

Right! We need contribution from Sweden to make a language pack. Are you ready? wink

Please, attach also the version number of your forum installation and the list of extensions and hotfixes installed.


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Search for antispam 1.2 mod.

Does it depend on the text of old subject?
Could you please email me and sql-dump of your topics table where the uneditable topic is stored?


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maststef wrote:

It would really be great to have an easy-access from the own forum to a large repository (official and unofficial) constisting of several sources. Just like it's with the linux package repositories, where you can easily add a new repository by adding its URL to the list.

It is possible to create such an extension. It may be based on pun_repository.

esupergood wrote:

Is that better than using an extension?




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YonasH wrote:

I'm working on this smile It will be even better than PunRep (hope so) wink But you must be patient. I have new job and not so much time like formerly. Two weeks at least.

You could publish this in the unofficial repository so that other PunBB community members may help you.


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Try just increasing the timeouts at the Administration/Settings page.


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Added bug to the pun_attachment wiki page.


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PHP and .NET programming skills are very different. PunBB.NET devs are not too good in PHP and we are not good in .NET. So we couldn't just join .NET-team to PHP-team - this would be useless. And vice versa.

oliversl wrote:

So, how can I stop using punbb utf8 functions and instead use only php5 utf8 functions?

PunBB does it just this way if available.

oliversl wrote:

After upgrading to punbb 1.3, the dokuwiki auth_punbb just broke with this message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare utf8_strlen() in .../include/utf8/mbstring/core.php on line 26

I had to comment out dokuwiki's utf8_* functions.


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Doesn't this help?


define('PUN_EXTENSIONS_USED', true);

to the config.php or wherever you need to hide this.


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Nigg wrote:

The error is that the error message from the first post is displayed SOMETIMES when we log in.

1. what is message text?
2. what is SOMETIMES?

1. What is the PHP version running forum?
2. Server TZ setting?
3. Your local TZ?

The forum doesn't use client-side generated timestamps. All the timestamps are generated by the server and are in GMD by definition.

There are three chances for troubles, I see:
1. Incorrect TZ at the server (i.e. gmdate() gives incorrect result).
2. Incorrect TZ at the client-side: user just has incorrect time locally set.
3. Incorrect browser behavior: cookie is removed too early. Maybe browser has modified the expiration date for the cookie (it is sent in GMT from the server and must be untouched).

Please, check these cases and report if your trouble doesn't match them.

esupergood wrote:

So the online timeout should be around 3 minute (for my site) and the security token should be a separate value.

As it was stated above, token is stored in online table. So that when user goes offline, the token is lost.
You may modify the code or make an extension to implement the logic you need, e.g. store the csrf token in users table...
Nevertheless, it seems to me very seldom, when you cannot find the balance between "long writing" and "quick online status update".


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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_pat … r_science)
http://tryruby.hobix.com/ :-)

$jchat_query = array(
    'SELECT'    => 'g.g_id, g.g_title',
    'FROM'        => 'groups AS g'
$jchat_result = $forum_db->query_build($jchat_query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);

$jchat_group = array();
while ($cur_row = $forum_db->fetch_assoc($jchat_result))
    $jchat_group[$cur_row['g_id']] = $cur_row['g_title'];
dverte wrote:

I am pretty sure changing the server timezone to match the forum's default timezone would make the problem go away. Changing the server timezone, however, is not a practical solution for some.

I mean that timezone should be correct.
If it is 12:00 in GMT and your server's TZ is set to +2, you MUST have 14:00.
This means that gmdate() will result the same worldwide.
You may check it with gmdate('r') call - it should give you the current time in GMT zone. If it doesn't, server settings are incorrect (not in terms of PunBB, but generally incorrect).


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emer wrote:

I use PunBB 1.2.17 Russian edition.

You'd better post to http://punbb.ru/ and/or find the author of your PunBB 1.2 edition.

Cereal wrote:

so i think this is a timezone problem ...

the problem is that phps time() function is using systems local time and not GMT time ...
a solution could be to use gmdate('U') to generate the base timestamp for the cookie time.


PHP manual wrote:

Returns the current time measured in the number of seconds since the Unix Epoch (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT).

Cereal wrote:

the timestamp thats set as the expire time is 1231694940 (Sun, 11 Jan 2009 17:29:00 GMT)
the timestamp thats used at the browsers end is 1231723740 (Mon, 12 Jan 2009 01:29:00 GMT)

Try to check the timezone at your server. Incorrect setting may result this way.

Gunnar wrote:

PCRE is not compiled with UTF-8 support

This means just what it says. The Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions library used in your PHP-installation does not support UTF-8. This is critical for correct forum's work. Compile PHP (or get binaries) with UTF-8 supported by PCRE.