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cool ... nice integration of the forum btw


I'm sorry, it seems I cried wolf. I found the answer here, that worked.

Yes, actually. My host upgraded PHP, but that was a few weeks ago.

I don't know what happened but my forum got all skrewed up all of a sudden.  I didn't change anything to the settings, I didn't change any coding whatsoever.  Needless to say, any help would be greatly appreciated here, since I've no idea what's going on.


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Indeed. For some reason, it puts the footer right after the header. Right now, the footer doesn't show at all, but if I tinker a little with its settings in CSS (make it "position:absolute" for example) it puts the footer right on top of the main content.

Hello everyone,

I recently redesigned my website and its forums but I stumbled upon a bit of a problem: I can't get my footer to display.

I'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with the actual footer. In fact, I can't get anything to display underneath what's there now.

My stylesheet's here:

Which, as you can see, borrows most from the stylesheet of the rest of the website, which is here:

Is there something in the punBB coding that's blocking my footer?

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Ah, perfect!  Thank you so much!  big_smile

The stylesheet is at

Hmm... doesn't seem to work..

Just a little problem, only in "Opera". For some reason, the guest message in pushing the forums down when people are logged in.

Looks like this:

How come?

(I've temporarily removed the guest message so that my "Opera" members can see everything all right.)

Why, it works perfectly! Thank you very much, sir!

Hello all,

I've done some searching but I don't believe this has come up before.  What I'd like to do is place a message atop my forums that's visible only to guests.

I've tried copying the footer.php file, called it welcome.php, and inserted that into the template using <pun_welcome>. That works, it shows two footers, but when I place it above <pun_main> it doesn't show up anymore. I'm probably going to have to change some things in the new welcome.php file but I'm not quite that dexterous yet. Any suggestions?

I think I solved the problem here.

Hello all,

I'm having some trouble with implementing a new design for my forums.

Everything looks good there, but things go wrong when we go into a board or topic.

Click a board, and there appears a huge space between the page numbers/breadcrums and the "Post new topic" and the actual posts. I can't figure out how to get rid of it, or where it came from in the first place.

Second, when we click a "last post", it shows only that post, and it's somehow impossible to scroll up to see the previous ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, here's the links to my stylesheets:

This is the main one:

This is the one for the forums:

Begging your pardon for the confusion, apparently they CAN delete post and topics already.  Sorry again!

My mods currently aren't able to delete posts made by others.  How do I give them this power?


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Thank you so much!  big_smile


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Bumping this because the problem's emerged again.  Hope someone might be able to help me out?


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Just deleted a bunch of spambots, so the number of users is now down to 76, meaning what I'm referring to is no longer visible.  I hope someone may still be able to tell me where in the CSS to find said margin though.


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Now that the number of registered users has hit "100", it places the "100" on a new line.  I assume I could solve this by making the margin/padding between the left and right stats in the "board info" box smaller, but I can't find them in the stylesheet.

Help would be greatly appreciated smile


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Tried that, but if I increase them, to force the breadcrumbs to a 2nd line, the entire sidebar will appear underneath the messages.


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I'm having some trouble with the breadcrumbs.  Whenever a topic title's too long, the breadcrumbs stretch over two lines.  Example

What I'd like is simply to have the breadcrumbs run from the far left, above or below the page count.  Is this possible?  And if so, how?   

Any help would be greatly appreciated.