I'm wondering if there is a session variable to list the url of a new topic created by someone within their current session?
I'm currently using 'extern.php?action=new&show=1&fid=1' but that could get messy if other people use the forum at the same time, i guess.

i have a pastebin at http://paste.org and would like to integrate punbb - in some way - with it.

to do:
create a punbb thread in the relevant forum at http://paste.org/forums/ for each new individual pastebin - based on whether they tick a checkbox, to do that, on the pastebin code submit side of things, of course.

I should be able to handle the cosmetic side of things but how would i go about generating a new thread automatically?


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Hi all,

i'm new here and just want to say that i set up punbb on my site:


when i was looking for a forum to use on this site - i found punbb to be the best in terms of ease of use and integration.