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Thank's downliner but the support forum is just if you have a problem with a style. To download one of my styles, just choose it in the list, clic on preview and 2 icons appears : .rar and .zip wink

My styles are free tongue but i understand you, it's a good idea for me to create an english section for the futur wink


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bingiman i'm using mega-pun wink

i have modified one of your style, if you want help to create styles for creapun, contact-me, i can if you want wink

thank you for your work big_smile


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Hi all,

I'm benjamin, a french boy who use punbb for my community.

I create style for punbb and i take support for these.

I want have your opinion of my style.

http://forums.creapun.com : my support community ( french )

http://punbb.creapun.com : forum style previewer of my style ( the style when you arrive on the forum have be create by FSX wink

Sorry for my english, i don't speak very well.