Tried to search all Smartys posts but get 404 error instead tongue … user/1209/

I don't know why it's not working only for one user, maybe post count is to big? smile


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Delete cache/cache_bans.php file


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Profo wrote:
daris wrote:

Portal by daris v2.4.3
Adds a portal to forum


This extension is installed on Polish PunBB forums

Development version: SVN or Trac

This link is broken (I´ve been checking for some days) sad . Is there any other link to download it?

Fixed, Polish support has been moved from to

coxxy wrote:

I use the portal software in my main forum, so have about 4 panels down the right side. Is there any way to put them down the left side of the forum?

Are you using portal from svn/trac link?

ethan42411 wrote:

Excuse me

How to fix this problem?

I used Firefox 3.6.6.

Same as before - which version?


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co_common ?

When you post topic which contains "Last post" in its title, then when you go to it, it will always redirect to the last post of this topic.
Look for this topic: … -lastpost/
It's not available to view first page of this topic, because it always redirect to last post. Workaround for this is removing "lastpost" from url.

User agent v1.1
(it's continuation for my "browser and os icons" extension)

Displays browser and system icon in each post.

Changes (related to 1.0)
- added google chrome and windows seven icon (it's same as vista icon)



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Look for first post and there you have link to the Trac. Click on the "Browse Source" link in navigation and then go to the branches directory. There you can find all my extensions.


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SuperMAG wrote:

Long time ago, when punbb/fluxbb was in beta stage. You created many beautiful styles. I wonder where they have gone. Are they still working.

They won't work, because there were too many changes in css styling in punbb. I don't have much free time, so I won't update it to 1.3.2 (but if there's someone who can, I'll be grateful wink )

There was skip post counting extension for fluxbb (I think it sould work with punbb also), but download links don't work. I had this extension installed on my fluxbb forum, so I packed it into zip and uploaded to my server: …


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allineer wrote:

daris, thanks for extension!

Just one question: how i can use php in portal-pages?

sorry for my English sad

extensions/portal_by_daris/page.php, line 82:

            <?php echo $page['content'] ?>

replace with

            <?php eval('?>'.$page['content']) ?>

and then code inside php tags will be executed, for example:

<?php  echo 'test' ?>

sicilpol, which version of MySQL are you using?


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Otherwise extensions/portal_by_daris/install.php file with that file and check if it helps.


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New release 1.1.0


- extension is now using jquery (you should install kierownik's jquery extension)
- fixed some css issues
- you can specify own css for each style


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Hidden code v1.0

Hides code tag content for guests.



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Remove this code (end of file)

    <div class="main-options gen-content">
        <p class="options">
            <span class="item1"><a href="<?php echo forum_link($forum_url['search_recent']) ?>"><?php echo $lang_search['Recently active topics'] ?></a></span>
            <span><a href="<?php echo forum_link($forum_url['search_unanswered']) ?>"><?php echo $lang_search['Unanswered topics'] ?></a></span>
<?php if (!$forum_user['is_guest']): ?>
            <span><a href="<?php echo forum_link($forum_url['search_subscriptions'], array($forum_user['id'])) ?>"><?php echo $lang_search['Subscriptions'] ?></a></span>
<?php endif; ?>

from extensions/portal_by_daris/panels/active_topics.php


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Fixed in svn, you can download that file and otherwise portal_by_daris/panels/pages.php file


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You should otherwise all files and run script from your browser


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Try with:

#quick_search_popup, #quick_search_popup .main-content {background: #1f537b;}

instead of

#quick_search_popup {background: #1f537b;}
Etoile wrote:

And is there a way to avoid the "Perform new search" change of color once it has been clicked one time?

It uses default link style. If you want to otherwise that style, you can do it via css:

#quick_search_popup a {color: #000}

(#000 is html color)


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I see, that you're using older version (1.0). Current is 1.0.2, I think this error was fixed in 1.0.1.


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New release 1.0.2

- when user can't search, do nothing wink
- better popup styling



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I think that are not portal errors, but quick search extension - are you using it? If yes, can you disable it and check if it still show this errors?

Can you post link to your forum?


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Add this code:

if (FORUM_PAGE == 'index') {
?>    <div class="panel">

        <div class="main-head">
            <h2 class="hn"><span>Active topics</span></h2>

        <div class="main-content">
<?php require FORUM_ROOT.'extensions/portal_by_daris/panels/active_topics.php'; ?>


$active_topics = ob_get_contents();
$tpl_main = str_replace('<!-- forum_announcement -->', $active_topics.'<!-- forum_announcement -->', $tpl_main);


// END SUBST - <!-- forum_head -->

in header.php


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Do you want do add active topics table before forum list?

I found next bug. It shows some code at top of page (and quoting doesn't work) when I add </script> to post. I think javascript code should be inside html comment "<!-- ... //-->", quick patch:

--- manifest_old.xml    2009-02-17 19:00:14.781250000 +0100
+++ manifest.xml    2009-02-17 19:00:32.875000000 +0100
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
                 if ($forum_db->num_rows($pun_quote_result))
-                    $forum_head['pun_quote_js'] .= '<script type="text/javascript">';
+                    $forum_head['pun_quote_js'] .= '<script type="text/javascript"><!--';
                     $forum_head['pun_quote_js'] .= 'var pun_quote_posts = new Array();';
                     $forum_head['pun_quote_js'] .= 'var pun_quote_authors = new Array();';
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
                         $forum_head['pun_quote_js'] .= 'pun_quote_authors['.$pun_quote_curr_message['id'].'] = "'.$pun_quote_curr_message['poster'].'";';
-                    $forum_head['pun_quote_js'] .= '</script>';
+                    $forum_head['pun_quote_js'] .= '//--></script>';

edit: you can see demo of this bug at top of page big_smile

edit2: it doesn't solve problem when there's


in the post. Why don't you just encode all html chars using forum_htmlencode and then decode them back in javascript file?


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esupergood wrote:

Strangely enough, I don't seem to have a .htaccess file in my wordpress root. My wordpress is installed to my site root.

So why wordpress uses folder based scheme for displaying pages? For example:
Is there other method than mod_rewrite (via .htaccess)?

Can you change permalinks scheme in wordpress to default and then try to access admin pages?