Right: If I search for whole words it works! Didn't know that. Thanks. :-)

Hi there!

I'm pretty new to PunBB. I installed it on LAMPP for the use with sqlite and everything seems to work fine, but there seems to be an issue with searching: If I have an article "ALIX.1C by PC Engines" and I search for "ALIX" I get no results. If I search for "*ALIX*" it works. I think it should be possible to search just for a word without making use of wildcards. So I think this can be called a bug. I work as oracle database administrator and as far as I understand the search code, it could have to do with the SQL function "LIKE". In Oracle you have to make use of the "%" Wildcard ot get any result, if a field does not match totally. I don't really understand PHP and don't really know sqlite, so I'm a bit handicapped and possibly didn't understand all the code- just tried to do so.  smile

I use PunBB 1.2.16.