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sorry, is there a list of the files that have been changed 1.4.1 -> 1.4.2?


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Is there a change log? I can update the copyright date on my own, but I don't want to overwrite files I don't have to.  (too many edits.)


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I've had reports of "the cursor seems to want a life of its own" from IE9 users.  Users can't backspace or go forward to edit posts. 

(Also had issue with IE8, cursor popping back up to the top during long posts, but I think I have that one resolved with a crappy, crappy fix.  Why do they insist on using IE?) 

Anyone else hearing issues re: IE8/9?  Is there a fix?


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the changed files only link is a life-saver.  Thanks!

I can't delete a test account I accidentially setup as an administrator.  When I go to change user groups of the test account, it only has the moderator options.

Nevermind, I tried to do it through Administration and it didn't have the option.  When I searched for the username, I could then choose it from the list and change the user group for that account.  Sorry I missed it earlier.

Hey there, I just installed the AntiBot 2.0.1 mod and it's working great, however now it seems that my verification emails aren't going out anymore.   

I'm using 1.2.16, is this common?  By using the AntiBot mod, does that disable the verification email? 

Everything appears to work, but the verification email is never received. 



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worked like a charm.  Thanks!!


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When I click on "Show all Posts"  I just get a list of all of the "Topics" that user has posted in.  Not the posts.  (I'm using 1.2.16)


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Is there a way to display all posts submitted by a certain user?  (right now I can view all of the topics they've posted in, but not the actual posts.)

Does anyone have any experience with any classifieds php?  I have to put a classifieds section on a site and I want something as clean and as easy to use as PunBB.   


I don't what a captcha, and I don't like "Bad Behavior."  Are there others?  I have the word "viagra" censored, but it still shows up two/three times a day in a username.  (or should I say "pops up two/three times a day")

I get a lot of spammer registering on my site, but the verification email seems to stop them from posting. 

It would make my life easier if I could ban multiple domains at once, instead of just one at a time.  If I could also ban usernames with the word CHEAP, SOFTWARE, VIAGRA, or DOWNLOADS that would be bonus!


that was it, someone posted a long link.  I made it a notlong.com link and everything works fine now.


Hey there, I'm experiencing a weird problem.  I'm not sure if it's my host or my db or punbb.  I've been using the rss mod for a few months now without any problems. 

Tonight I noticed that it wasn't working correctly.


I'm getting a weird feed error in IE and it just says viewing feed in FF. 

I have another site that is working just fine.  My host recently disabled allow_url_fopen, which affected some things, but not punbb. 

Any idea what this is?  Is anyone else having a sudden problem with the rss mod?