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Any developer read this thread?

[ ] No

[ ] Yes


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FSX wrote:

MSN is a protocol (right?) Live messenger is the program.

And the protocol for ICQ is OSCAR...


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Small wishes/changes

1) Profile > About: Add the "Show all subscriptions" and a "Remove all subscriptions" link to the user's profile

2) Profile > About: Add the "Last visit: $date" (index.php) to the user's profile

3) Profile > Identity: Add a skype, hobby and/or job field to the user's profile

4) Profile > Identity: Increase the "Admin note:" field to a textarea

5) Profile > Identity: Rename the "MSN-Messenger" field to Live-Messenger

6) Main Forum: Display the subject of the last post on index.php (it's only a LEFT JOIN more wink)

7) Main Navigation: Rename "User list" to "Members"?

More useful wishes/changes

1) BBCode: Add a [size+/-X] ([size+2]big text[/size]) and [list=*]

  • 1st entry

  • 2nd entry

  • ...

) bbcode

2) Moderation: Rename the "Delete posts" to "Moderate posts" on viewtopic.php and add a "Move posts" feature on moderate.php?fid=X&tid=Y

-> Ask for the destination thread ID

---> Allows to merge threads (except the first post?) and move posts smile

3) Post: What's about attachments? It would be very useful.

Does not work (build 1400)

1) BBCode: There are no underlines when using the [u]-bbcode.

2) BBCode: The TEXT-bbcode doesn't work. I would suggest the [url]-syntax ([img=http://...]TEXT[/img]).

Thank you for reading!


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Hooks and feature request:

- display the forums moderators (like in punbb 1.2 or/and on viewforum.php)
- display the forums description on viewforum.php
- display the last topic on index.php
- different icons for new / no new threads on index.php and new / no new posts on viewforum.php (?)
- add attachments / polls to posts

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