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Is this punbb release based on the fluxbb subversion version?


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FSX wrote:

Netherlands, that tiny country next to germany.

The forum style look very good, I really like it big_smile.


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Btw, what is CFD? I saw this 'CFD info is gelieerd aan Brandpreventieforum' in the footer', is CFD something to prevent fire?

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is one of the branches of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. Computers are used to perform the millions of calculations required to simulate the interaction of fluids and gases with the complex surfaces used in engineering. Even with simplified equations and high-speed supercomputers, only approximate solutions can be achieved in many cases. Ongoing research, however, may yield software that improves the accuracy and speed of complex simulation scenarios such as transonic or turbulent flows. Validation of such software is often performed using a wind tunnel.

Brandpreventieforum is one of the other forums i have, thats the reason they are allied.


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Hi all,

I have made my first punbb forum. I have made more forums but they where usually phpbb (is this cursing here?).
My first punbb forum is: http://www.cfd-info.nl/forum/, i have made a little bit of optical integration with wordpress. The style is CrystalBlue, but i have made some minor changes to match the wordpress theme and have included the wordpress header and footer in the main.php. (Did this according this howto)

The reason i now choose for punbb instead of phpbb is because i wanted a more lightweight forum and the style integration was far more easy than with phpbb.

The site and forum are about CFD, this is the first dutch website about this subject. I hope this will be a success, but it is going to be a challenge because of the small niche.