My original post links to a page that answers all your questions including an explanation that the results are to be extracted via SQL and a sample configuration that should be a good starting point for anyone.

I agree it would be better if a report was included. If I get some spare time I will do something about it and let you know.

Thanks for the feedback.

esupergood wrote:

Thanks it works now.
I've just created a test account but can't see where I can see what option the user chose?

thanks smile

The extension does not include any reports, but you can extract the required information directly from your database using  tools such as phpMyAdmin. Here is an example to extract details for May 2009

select FROM_UNIXTIME(u.registered) Registered, u.username, l.source, l.source_info from forum_users u, forum_referral_log l where = l.user_id and year(date(FROM_UNIXTIME(u.registered))) = 2009 and month(date(FROM_UNIXTIME(u.registered))) = 5

esupergood, also note that you don't have to use groups. If you just want three options with the last asking for more details enter:

some text
some other text

i.e. without the + prefixes.

esupergood wrote:

This doesn't seem to work for me
In admin I'm using

+some text
+some other text

but the registration form doesn't list any options in the dropdown list apart from the default "select"

The "+" prefix indicates that the text is a group name. This renders a <OPTGROUP> tag in HTML. Your browser will only show a group name if the group has some content. You have defined three groups but none have any content. So try:

+Group 1
Option 1 in group 1
Option 2 in group 1
+Group 2
Option 1 in group 2
Option 2 in group 2
Option 3 in group 2 ask for more...

Also note that you only use the "..." after an option rather than a group name. I hope that helps. I know its not straight forward but I just wanted to keep the admin code to a minimum smile

The problem reported by Stormeh should now be fixed. I have created a new version and updated my info pages mentioned in the original post to point to it.

Download version 1.1.1 here

Stormeh, please let me know if it works out OK for you. It would be good to here that someone is making use of the extension.

Stormeh wrote:

When submitting information in the administrator section (i.e. updating settings in "Settings < Setup")

I get an error:

Notice: Undefined index: cws_sources in /home/*/public_html/admin/settings.php(250) : eval()'d code on line 10

Thanks for letting me know. I have reproduced the problem so will take a look now.

It is important for us to know where our new members are coming from, so we have created a new extension to allow members to pick a referral source from a drop down list when they register.

You define the contents of the list in the Administration > Settings > Features page. Referral sources can optionally be tagged to ask the member for more information, e.g. "Other..." will ask them to provide more information.

To read more and download the software click the following link:
punBB Extension - referral sources

I have tried to keep the solution as simple as possible. I hope it is of some use to you smile


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Some of my users struggle getting pictures on to forums. I am thinking of integrating Picnik ( which is a photo editing package used by many of the big photo hosting companies.

This allows your users to upload a picture from their hard drive directly in to picnik editing package. They can edit, correct, crop and resize the image (which many users don't have the software or knowledge to do) and then the image gets passed on to our server.

I want this to work so that the user click an [add image] button, they go through the upload / edit process and then the required bbcode is inserted in to their edit box at the cursors current position pointing to the image now residing on my server.

Has anyone else done anything like this to save me some time?

I have contacted Picnik and they have given my the go ahead to do this.


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This is the second website I have used the PunBB Forums on.

It's called and it provides free web based tools to lucid dreamers along with the forums and articles.

Obviously the forum is a major part of this. My homepage contains an Ajax auto refreshing summary of what is happening in the forum too.


I have used this forum in my new site:

The site is all about horses, so we have equine news, directories that only include horse sites, horse photo albums etc.

We have used the forum in a couple of interesting ways (I think):
1) The login for the forum is actually used for the whole site, so there are Login + Register options on the homepage.
2) When we show news items, there is a "discuss" link. Selecting this link automatically starts a new topic in the News forum, quotes the news item and allows you to make a posting against it. The idea is to easily allow people to chat about news items. I hope to add the "discuss" link to other items around the website, so the forum becomes the core component.
3) The homepage has a gadget which shows the latest activity on the forum. If you are logged in it also shows your posts, your subscribed topics etc.

Now the challenge is to attract equestrian people to the site. I don't think a forum encourages people to register until it has a good number of posts, which is a bit of a catch 22.

Anyway, thanks to PunBB for the software.