Is there a way to add a tag to a topic to know it's solved ?

I choose to download my bakcup to my hdd.
Transfer is very very very long and goes slower and slower (begins at 250 k/s and a few seconds after that is 1 or 2 k/s !).
I've got nothing else running on my Internet connexion ; and anyway I can download from any other url (including mine wink) without any problem yikes

I found the bug !
As Mark and you said, the key "o_base_url" in cache_config.php was wrong sad
I'm quite sure I have not changed it for few month, and it ran right before I changed to version 1.2.17...
But now I made the correct change in my admin page (cache_config.php) and it really seems OK.
Thanks to you all who have helped me smile

Thanks : I did inform my members about that smile
I will tell you if it does not solve my problem wink

Might that be important to use or not www. in the url ?

Some say they also need to disconnect twice : first disconnection isn't recognized sad
I also got this once.

Thanks to have tried smile
But it seems only previously registered users (before 1.2.17) have this problem.
Maybe it's got something to do with "$cookie_seed" ?

Thanks for your quick reply smile

I'm using PunBB 1.2.17.
Most users need to connect and reconnect once before login is recognised.
What wrong did I do ?