Been released for a while now. Working on a new faster version as we speak.

Just to update. We have had this component working successfully on the Joomla 1.0.xx platform for a few months now and are about to release it for Joomla 1.5.x in full native mode.

I appreciate it. The community is growing a little faster than anticipated. So anything you can do to help pinpoint any problems is fine.

No takers?

It's in the download section at the address I posted. It's by registration only so let me know if you want to bypass this process and I'll pre-register you.


Actually none of our issues with Agora are visual.

Here are a few. These are the ones left. Not many others to debug.

# User online now works but time user does not expire. Once online, always online Would like to get this to use the database instead of cookies.

# User List search does not work

# Info (quotes, attachements, titles) randomly drops off of post when editing.

Mind you this is a modified version of PunBB that was turned into a component for Joomla. Some of the mods implemented were not done correctly or were outdated WHEN implemented.

As far as the NON SEF URLs . That's Joomla for you. Lot's of extensions to take care of that though.

What MY goal is is to eventually knock FireBoard off the top of the hill. Right now it is the only OTHER integrated forum for Joomla 1.0.xx at this point but is so full of bugs (and ultra slow development) and I'd like to offer the Joomla community something better.

Understand that there are only 2 of us and we are nothing more than glorified code hackers. Would LOVE to partner with a full fledged coder/developer.

Check us out at

Too bad. Anticipating the big Stimulus Package checks, I was needing a PunBB pro to look at a stumbling block we're having on our Joomla compnent based on PunBB. Would have rather dealt with someone familiar to Pun than going someplace like Scriptlance. Our budget is small and we really just need someone to tell us WHAT to fix than actually fixing it.

Is punlancer still active?

We've taken care of the copyright issue.

We've also narrowed down our LAST remaining problems down to the Kookaburra profile.php. I think that's about all that's keeping this from becoming a truly stable release.

The next hurdle will be to update the component when P1.3 is released.

We're still looking for any contributions anyone can make. Whether they know Joomla or not.

Thanks for giving us a look over.

I mean component as in it can be installed via the Joomla installer. People are pretty adamant about NOT having to bridge their forum solutions like they have had to do in the past (read: SMF) and maintain the CMS and forum as a separate entity regardless of how tight he integration seems to be. It sounds like I'm splitting hairs but that is the reason why FireBoard has done so well even though there are TONS of bugs in it. I don't think the userbase will go for "It's part of Joomla but it really isnt.".

I had my partner look over the example extension and he agrees that it would be much better and probably solve most, if not ALL of our problems. MY concern is that it appears to be another bridging mechanism. The biggest draw for our offering is that it installs AS a component and NOT as a separate entity..

Thanks! No problems at all with that. We're trying to leave ALL credits intact and where they should be. I'll pass it on.

The biggest problem we seem to be stumbling on is the total user integration with The Joomla user tables. I'll have my partner post here exactly what issues he's running into.

A colleague of mine have taken it upon ourselves to revive the defunct Kookaburra component that was based off of PunBB. Our offering to the Joomla community has been reborn as Agora and can be found at Joomla Me!. This is NOT a verion of PunBB in a wrapper. It is a FULLY INTEGRATED component that maintains ALL of PunBBs functionality and SPEED.

We are by no means PROS when it comes to programming (more like glorified code hackers) so we are anxiously seeking contributions/assistance of any kind in order to help our venture thrive. We've made some progress but we're quickly reaching the limits of our limited skills. We believe there is a NEED for a FAST, STABLE and highyly CUSTOMIZABLE forum component for the Joomla (and possibly Mambo) CMS. If you are able in ANY way to assist us please stop by and lend a hand.