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To make a long story as short as possible, I am pretty new to this whole deal. I have created two forums, one using xsorbit, and the other using phpbb. The xsorbit board was dismantled by myself. The phpbb board was stolen out from underneath me by one of my moderators, and phpbb has not exactly been helpful in trying to rectify the situation. Therefore, I started looking for an alternative, and here I am.

If I were to chose PunBB, what do I have to do to get a new forum up and operational? I have seen a sample of some templates/skins, and though they are simple, they are eye catching, and easy to follow. That is all I ned. To be honest, I have no eperience with coding, and even doing the upgrades is going to drive me batty, but from what I have read, PunBB may be the alternative I have been looking for.

Any suggestions?