wow. thanks all for these... really valuable input!

well, for now i have to stick with using UTF8, as the rest of the database is in UTF8, plus the site is as international as possible. i'll dig myself into proper UTF8 conversion, they say there's loads of info about it up here.

thanks anyway for the hints.

ok, so after a little searching here I found out I should change the default encoding to UTF-8 in  lang\common.php  - now it posts everything like a charm, except that it dies halfway, saying "Error: Unable to insert search index words." .

At least it seems like we know what the problem is, question would be, how do i resolve this?


An error was encountered
File: C:\...\post.php
Line: 181

PunBB reported: Unable to create post

Database reported: Incorrect string value: '\xE1rv\xEDzt...' for column 'message' at row 1 (Errno: 1366)

apparently the problem is with characters like éá??úöüóí - so non-latin1 characters...

i'm gonna look into that. no idea why this is happening, tho.

oh, sorry, I just realised it should go under "Integration"...

Hi all,

I've been getting rather strange errors. I kinda fooled around with the punBB login in order to integrate it into our website, and I've been getting these seemingly random "Unable to create post" or "Unable to create topic" errors.

When creating posts I get it really randomly, but as for topics I couldn't create one yet...

When I used a different approach to the login system, it didn't come up this often...

Right now I modded it that it doesn't use cookies for authentication, it stores stuff in $_SESSION. Anyway, if I dump $pun_user right before the query would be executed, it seems it's all there...

The server runs IIS and MySQL.

Any thoughts on what the problem could be?