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quaker wrote:

looks good a few minor things and they would match..

p.s. what about the powered by punbb?



weird.. it was off page, fixed now, thanks for pointing out


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I integrated mine into my design. Not really an integration just tweaked colbat theme alittle to go with my site.  No special design or anything just played with css. what do you guys think? thanks


hi I am having a hard time finding where in the script I can define a class for the 'load avatar' in the profile.php button, I actually styled my own buttons and across the board all my buttons look fine, nicely styled the way I like,  however this one 'booger' is giving me a headache, and I don't know what I am doing wrong. please check the attached image 


do you see how the button is all messed up? Anyone has any suggestion please share. I am comfortable with css but not sure where I can find the script for the button above so I can a class for it

hi I am new here as you probably already noticed and my title pretty much says it all.

I would like some guidance how to make fixed width with header image and background image I have attached image how I want this to look like but I am very confused with the css

I am comfortable with css so this part is not a problem but the whole thing looks messy to me and I don't know where to start, can anyone help me with that thanks a bunch