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May be that was a problem of calling the bit.ly api


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Well, every user has there own user id. Look at your profile page link, your id is 14482. Mine is 13371, clear?


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Yeah, you are right. In this version, only mobile users will be redirected to login.php?action=mobile and will see this screen. You can use this url to view it directly to your browser.


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fantasma wrote:

when i upload the share folder in my extension directory i not see it in extension manager!

May be you have file permission problem. Change the folder chmod to 0777


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buythecow wrote:

It can be as long as the Retweet button without Facebook button?

Currently both is showing, there is no option to remove one.


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Hey folks, In a short time i’ve made some punbb extension. Here is another, it’s for sharing post. It inserts share button in every post, here is the screenshot:


You will find the configuration at Administration → Settings → Features

Download: punBB share extension

Enjoy smile

Another punBB extension from me and now sharing with the community. The extension describes it’s uses. You will find the configuration at Administration → Settings → Features Here is the screenshot:


Download: We miss you

I haven't tested it on a live forum. Hope that it will work as intended. Requesting bug report smile


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Just wrote an another punBB plugin for Projanmo Forum.

In normal uses, everyone sign’s in with username and password. But for a special purpose, i needed to login with user ID and password. Because, when the username is in a complex script language like Bangla and you want to login from the mobile and you don’t have Bangla writing system in your mobile, this feature comes in action.

This extension is written for mobile users actually. When you will visit the forum from mobile, you will be redirected to the login screen containing user ID and password.


Download: Login with ID

Enjoy!!! big_smile

I think all the links open in a new window. Can you make a small modification like only external links will open in a new window?


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SuperMAG wrote:

hey, what software is used there, i like the dropdown menus, and want them in my wordpress theme. smile

Sorry, i didn't understand you big_smile

Crome has this feature to resize any textarea, but others not smile

Today i have developed a simple extension for our developer's forum.

It includes a feature that adds a textarea resizer feature to the message writing area such as writing a quick post, writing a topic, PM or email. It uses jQuery as dependency.


You may download it from here

There are many differences between these Private Messaging version.

The mod for 1.2.21 creates two db entry for each message. One for inbox and one for outbox. But the new extension creates only one db entry.

Old mod recognize status 0 for inbox and status 1 for outbox. At first i tried to export only the inbox entries. Because the new needs only one entry. Taking the status 0, i exported the db. As a result, i got the inbox messages correctly in punBB 1.3.2. But there was problems in outbox. Taking the status 1, i got correct outbox entries, but not the inbox. So, i was not able to import my old entries to the new version correctly. Can any one explain, how to do this?

Hi guys, i had a forum run by punbb and the version was 1.2.21 and i had the mod private message. There is about 15000 private messages in database.

Now i have converted my forum into punbb 1.3.2 and using the new private message extension. How can i import these private messages into this new forum. I have tried it with my own script. But having problems. Anyone have any solution? Please help me smile


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It's not compatible with punbb 1.3.2 i think. I am getting the message Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated. while adding a new subforum. How can i fix this?


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Hi, i've translated punbb 1.3 in Bangla.

So, how to include this pack to the language pack download page? please help me