Well, this is a new Swedish World of Warcraft fansite

I've integrated it (some) with wordpress, as well as done some minor updates.


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I have recently had some problems with my moderators, or to be precise: someone that has stolen a moderator identity and used it to make bad stuff on my forum. Since there is no log whatsoever on the forum it's hard to track down the "bad" moderator. I would like the forum to log all moderator activities: Time, user ID and IP. When a moderator bans or un-bans a user, edit or delete a post, which isn't his own, edit the censored words etc it should be logged!


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Many users don't login... Wouldn't it be good to cache the information gathered in function set_default_user()? I mean: cache the guest information ($pun_user) and run the rest of the script as usual. If the forum is big this would make a difference, wouldn't it?


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- Well yes, forbid posting. You can't put specific IP addresses intodifferent groups - otherwise that would be a solution. I simply don't see why a spamming user shouldn't be allowed to at least read the forums. If they can they won't feel as big need to get a new IP/user and start spamming again.

- Of course I don't set people to moderaor status every day, but when I do: clicking 25 boxes isn't anything I like to do.


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- When a user is banned from the forum you should be able to choose whether or not the user in quetion should be able to view/read the forums. Or have an admin option where the admin can choose whether or not banned users should be able to view/read the forums.

- Some kind of "select all" function for moderator rights in profile.php (right now you haveto click all the forums if they are to moderate all the forums.

Guess it was the doctype you had to change. I had the same problem, but changed the doctype to Transitional to make it work.


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Well, this isn't really a punbb request...

I would recommend you to create one separate database for the forums and then one for each game (if you want to...). Then you have to connect to both databases and read the data.

Photics: late answer, but anyway smile

It's not really a template. I have been editing the code a bit as well to get the colours I want on different rows and coulombs. Great you like it!

I'm using punbb on my homepage and am also using the function "confirm_referrer();" on all my pages. This works fine for me, but some users get the "Bad HTTP REFERER" error, and that is of course not good. Is there some way to make the function work for everyone, or some other way to check if the user has been sent to the page from another homepage or not? Is it safe to run the homepage without the confirm_referrer function? I mean, can't you set up a FORM on another homepage and trick users to delete things on my homepage they didn't want to delete? Is it possible to protect a function where you delete a picture by just visiting a homepage (for example www.blabla.com/delete.php?delete=yes) and not using the confirm_referrer function?


Yet another of my homepages with punbb: http://www.pandahideout.com/forum/


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Ang. att worldofwar.se skulle posta nyheter genom forumet och även köra kommentarer genom det är fel! Det är externa script som inte berör forumet.


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ok, thank you! Just couldn't find it.


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Can moderators ban users? I can't find that feature anyway, and I would like it to be an option! Maybe you could make it an individual option where you can allow some moderators to ban users (much like where you can set which forums they should be moderators in...), or that admins can turn on/off it for the whole moderator group in the admin options area!?

PunBB 1.3 maybe?


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Yet another site with PunBB: http://www.rpgworld.se/forum/

It's a new Swedish site about RPG (role playing games) - computer games that is.


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Users: 6063
Topics: 6601
Posts: 86307

Rows: 1387503
Size: 65 MB

The database contains more than just the forum though...


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I think it's OK, but do you really believe the this thing will generate a big deal of money?


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Couldn?t you release an official ad-on to the forum with PMs, or release two versions of the forum? Maybe it's too much work for you to change things in two versions... Then people have a choice.


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Rickard wrote:
Madoor wrote:

neither can they delete the users avatars.

Should they be able to? I mean, it's not advertised that they can.

It's not advertised, but moderators should be able to uphold the forum laws and that means deleting avatars that are against them. I do not allow animated avatars on my forum for example and the moderators should have the ability to remove those avatars that are.

Maybe you changed this when you changed the rest of the problems with editing profiles, what do I know?


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moderators can't edit anyones signature, neither can they delete the users avatars.

are you converting it now or are you waiting for the final release of 1.2 before you get started?


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Paul wrote:

THEAD TH, TBODY TD {padding: whatever}
.blocktable TH, .blocktable TD {PADDING: whatever}

Table width 100% should not cause you any problems. Again it's just
.blocktable TABLE {WIDTH: 100%}

Keep posting any problems you have integrating it though. You may come up with one that doesn't have an easy fix.

actuallt, its just TABLE {WIDTH: 100%}: base.css line 132
in oxygen.css line 117 you can find: TD, TH {BORDER-WIDTH: 1px 1px 0px 0px} which is also causing me problems. I have solved it now though with a little help from ShawnBrown.


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Paul: you haven't set any borders, but you have set table {width:100%} and some padding on TD TH...

I have been able to solve some of my problems, but it still looks bad without any padding on TD TH (had to set it to 0). Well, I'll think I can solve that as well!

Great work Paul (have said it to Rickard, but not to I bevlive)


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Found something that really annoys me! I want to integrate my site with the forum, or the other way around, and that worked fine with 1.1.5! In 1.2 you have set borders on all tables etc which makes things very hard for anyone with a homepage built up on tables. If you keep the borders the design of the whole homepage is corrupt, but if you set the borders to 0 the forums looks weird. Anything you want to fix or is it a minor "bug"? I would find it useful if you named the tables etc instead of just setting borders on every table on the homepage.


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what version of firefox are you using? I use v.1 and I have no problems at all.


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Rickard wrote:
Madoor wrote:

Ok, your choice. I have one forum for admins, one for admins and co-workers (people that are publishing news for example) and then one forum for admins, co-workers and moderators where you can write messages about members and so on (moderator stuff). That is why I would like to have an extra forum for the "high moderators" (co-workers).

But why do you need your co-workers to have moderator rights?

Well, I want them to be moderators as well as co-workers... They should have the ability to moderate the forums if they feel like it and as I have stated before: I want them to have a forum of their own. Guess I have to figure out another way to do this.

About integrating the site on the forum. On the current version (1.1.5) I can write:

$pun_root = 'forum/';    // The path to the forum root directory relative to this script
define('PUN_QUIET_VISIT', 1);
@include_once $pun_root.'include/common.php';

on all pages on my homepage to let the members stay logged in even if they are not in the forums. Is this possible in 1.2 as well or do I have to change the code?

The functions in 1.1.5 (in functions.php); have you changed any of their names? Have used some of the functions on other pages than the forum so I have to change the names on those pages then...