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I've added this to my website. Thank you so much!


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I think you are spamming the forum!


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aaron101 wrote:

Is PunBB still be developed?

I am looking for a very simple forum software, and this would work, but I want to make sure its not a dead project.

You still can use it. It's handy and simple forum.


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What is your PHP version?

Because your IE does not support gradient property CSS3.


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This link isn't work!

how can I change my button style? can u helo me?

Where is the Mod?

Thank you.

Utchin wrote:


Has install_mod.php and readme.txt to help...Ill put it on punres soon. when you test it to see if i missed anything wink

EDIT : Sorted the problem.. used RAR lol


Link wasn't work!