Took a bit more hunting and pecking, but FireBug makes quick work of it.

Using FireBug in Firefox, clicked button to Inspect page, isolated desired section (this was the tricky part, but just hover over the FireBug HTML pane until the part of the page you want to affect is highlighted) & adjusted a mix of padding-left, left or width CSS values, ala:

For title header:

.brd .item-summary .subject-title {...}

For replies header:

.brd .item-summary .info-replies {...}

For the actual list content, did the same as above, only adjusting Width CSS value:

.brd .main-content .main-item,
.brd .main-content .main-item,
.brd .main-content .main-item,
.brd .main-content .main-item,
.brd .main-content .main-item {...}

& for Last Post:

.brd .main-content .main-item {...}

& for Main item:

.brd .main-content .main-item {...}


And the results:

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the tip. Am using Firebug, but still couldn't find the exact place for this. Your post helped! Now all is good!

Thanks! smile

Hello fellow PunBB'ers!

Using PunBB 1.3 with custom theme. Trying to make it so the width of the columns better accentuates the post subject column, rather than the date column.

In the photo, want to move the width of the Subject column over so that the subsequent Replies, Views, Last Posted columns are less wide / more narrow.

Tried using Firebug, but could not isolate the specific CSS that needs adjusting.

Any ideas? … 6at180.png


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Ok, cool thanks!


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No word on re-captcha support?

Our site uses re-captcha more than once for various infos, and mixing solutions is not preferred.

Re-captcha is very popular and works well... why no PunBB plugin support?


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New version sounds cool, but have to ask, what happened to adding re-captcha support?

As mentioned, I don't want them on 2 lines. But given this is the only instance where they are on the same line, it is probably best to yeah just make them on 2 lines.


Thanks for looking into this smile

Firefox 3.0 for OSX; am using the standard generated page with customized theme. No amount of css tweaking gets those radio buttons to behave.

Have tried inline, but I don't want another vertical list; prefer them side to side.

You don't think it's odd & inconsistent to have some options aligned from right end of their labels and others to be aligned underneath & closer to their middle? Or how designing it this way, makes doing anything else a nightmare?

Hmm... odd indeed.

Any idea why the "User list sort order" markup is different than the page's other items?

The options above all have divs of "sf-set setN" & "label" whereas the "User list sort order" uses fieldset & legend.

Have been trying to get the "Ascending Descending" options all lined up like the items above it, but it is turning into a CSS nightmare.

Why is this?

/me is embarrassed...

Of course it is! tongue

Any chance we'll see something like this for v1.3? Or is there a way to do this manually? The post date in SQL was just a string of numbers, couldn't figure out how to parse it.

Too bad this doesn't work in v1.3 sad

wink wink

Ahh right, will do!

Also, is there a way to reinstall v1.3 where the existing db is already v1.3?

I'm stuck in a loop where it says to run install, and I do and then it says there are existing tables. I want to USE those tables... is this possible?

Was one of those, clicked just before I realized I didn't want to click moments. tongue

Is there a way to recover?


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Was confused about all the FluxBB posts here and finally read this and understood why.

My 0.02 on this is that forking PunBB at this phase will only work to make neither PunBB or FluxBB very useful.

I know having 2 can be successful and work to improve the other, but I think the likelihood of that actually happening is very low. It's already confusing what belongs to which, etc.

I wish the FluxBB devs would instead work with PunBB devs to make PunBB even better.

Just my 0.02.


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Am back (sorry, was unavailable this WE).

Will take a look at this. First glance looks like we have most of what we need, but I've never written a PunBB extension before, so might take me a few stabs.

Also, finding this code to be very violent & messy!

                    $cats = explode(',', $_GET['cat']);
                    $scats = array();


Adding, we're already seeing extensions that follow the same suit...

For example: the PM extension also has hardcoded field widths at 80.

So yes, probably better to address this now and put such width into some known .css markup, as Downliner suggests, while v1.3 is still fresh & there exists few extensions.


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Hi Downliner,

Let me know if I can help...


This looks like a cool script.

Having trouble using it though, error says /forums/include/common.php is not found.

My forum path declaration is:
$forum_path = './forums/';

and the .php file is in the root forums folder

Does this work with v1.3.1? (Using v1.3.1)

toxitrip; Il dépend de la quantité de travail impliquée, mais vraiment c'est beaucoup de travail.

Tu doives mieux considérer apprendre les qualifications que tu besoin et le faisant toi-même ou sois disposées pour payer beaucoup.

This makes integration a bit of pain; forces users to manually edit many files. Post, Admin, Settings, etc.

Is there a better way to do this? Maybe not hardcode a width at all?


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Hi guys,

Quick question, just like the title says:
Is it possible to link to a category?

Say I want to pass a url to someone that refers to all forums in that category.

Here's what I have at the moment;