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Another bug is that there is no Add File and Delete words in lang folder with translation. You have to manually edit it in manifest.xml.

By they way it looks bad for me.


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My MySQL is: MySQL Improved 5.0.51a

Slavok, so what about it?


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Rich, do you know why I've these errors?

Why dont you refresh this topic?
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … to-polish/

Remember, that I've translated most of PunBB 1.3.2. Now there are two parallel translations, mine and yours. Who will connect them?
If I started topic, why you confuse people with translations?

Read please before posting.
Disallowing BBCode parser to detect URLs and put them into {url} tag would disable all automatic {url} insertions.

This is bug, because links inside of {CODE} are not visible as normal text as they should. They look like text with added URL.
Undestood me now?


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I've got problem.

Geshi replace ' with &#039 entities.

Parser adds {URL} for links inside of {CODE}
If I want to write some Programming code with links inside, I cant. Parser adds{URL} tags.

Parser adds  for links inside

If I want to write some Programming code with links inside, I cant. Parser adds  tags.


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While I edit my group and insert default .png icon: http://www.deinemutter.pl/admin/groups.php?edit_group=1
After that every post of users with this group is followed by:

Warning: mysql_data_seek(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /var/www/deinemutter/viewtopic.php(461) : eval()'d code on line 116

This content is buffored earlier. HTML Code, some outputs from MySQL etc.

After adding this code I've 2 errors.

Notice: Undefined index: userfile in /var/www/pcmod/img/uploaded/index.php on line 5

if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name']))

Notice: Undefined variable: content in /var/www/pcmod/img/uploaded/index.php on line 162

<?php echo $content; ?>


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punbb wrote:

Notice: Undefined index: SET in /var/www/punbb/admin/groups.php(440) : eval()'d code on line 10

When I set an image for usergroup theere is something like that.


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File does not exist

Daris could you repair this link? wink

I want to insert some images depend on what group is it.
Is there any simple ext, or code doing that in PunBB 1.3.2?


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Look at code:


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Not instead. Ctrl+s worked for me too.
I've disabled the shortcuts, beacuse it was not possible to write in Polish language, due to problem with ś,ć,ą etc.


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Thanks Garciat, it propably works fine for me wink.

There is still no fix for that?
My users complain about manually adding links between URL tags.

When I am trying to add a poll with 29 days period I click send post and after page reload there is no poll.
For 25 days it works fine.
Dont you all think that it would be better to set default time for poll (for ex. 30 days) and give user a chance to set it for 3 months.
Why max votes number is 100? There should be no max votes number by default.

When I insert the Polish letters ą,ę,ć,ś,ź itd. into mail_templates I've got =?UTF-8?B??= subject and clean message as incoming e-mail from PunBB.
Coding with ANSI or UTF8 does not solve the problem.

My forum site is located at: www.pcmod.pl
My script site is located at: www.obrazki.pcmod.pl

I want to perform check inside od www.obrazki.pcmod.pl/index.php

I've tried this:

f (!defined('FORUM_ROOT'))
    define('FORUM_ROOT', './');
require FORUM_ROOT.'include/common.php';

($hook = get_hook('in_start')) ? eval($hook) : null;

if ($forum_user['g_read_board'] == '0')
    message($lang_common['No view']);

// Load the index.php language file
require FORUM_ROOT.'lang/'.$forum_user['language'].'/index.php';

// Get list of forums and topics with new posts since last visit
if (!$forum_user['is_guest'])
  die('You are logged in !');
die('No permission');

... but it dont work. It need load of external includes, lang, cache. Still do not work.
I know that must be simple, but... help please.

I've made some external scripts, but I dont know how to check that user is logged on my forum.
Is there any function that returns 1 (or username) if user is logged and returns 0 if not?

I want to replace default icons with new ones, but dont know how.
Old Icons are here:

.brd .main-content .main-item .icon {
     border-style: solid;
     border-width: 0.5833em;
     height: 0;
     width: 0;
     float: left;
     margin-top: 0.667em;
     margin-left: -2.417em;

.brd .main-content .main-item .hn .posted-mark {
     position: absolute;
     font-size: 2em;
     width: 1em;
     left: -0.5em;
     top: 0;

Tried with background: url(''), but It did not work for me.