Well I only installed Pun the other day and I haven't really tinkered much with it besides changing a couple of style colours here and there; I can't get to grips with the theming system so I haven't really made a system wide theme for it but nevertheless it looks purdy smile

Tell me what you think, critique welcome.



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Hiya guys,

I posted pretty much this same topic over at punres.com; but obviously I've only just found out that it isn't really "active" although this place is. Anyway here's my request:

Chebus Jrist wrote:

I've just installed PunBB and so far i'm liking it. But although it doesn't really tie in with my web site at the moment. Would it be possible if someone could code up a theme just like my web site design (http://warriors.ninefolio.com)? I am quite busy and haven't really got much time to work on theming myself (plus I suck at theming boards...) having a clan and all. I'm currently using PunBB 1.3 RC too.

I do have MSN and E-mail and i'm willing to give the correct resources needed upon discussion. I think it will be quite a simple job to do and shouldn't really take that long as it's mainly just the CSS / HTML which would need to be coded (As stated previously; i'll give a full resource of styles, images which need to be used and worked from)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. Pun is rather nice and also my MSN/E-Mail address is outereight@hotmail.co.uk please feel free to e-mail me or add me on msn to discuss the theme. Thanks again.