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If you encrypt IP address and email how could you use them later?

http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php "PHP Ventrilo Status Scripts"

Probably, ventrilo provide php scripts don't they? have you looked at them?


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Jérémie wrote:

Still not good (not valid, cluttered with inline styling, <b> tags, empty tags and useless non semantic nbsp among other things)

I hate that, why go to so much effort and not finish the job properly :S


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sassa wrote:

no1 has asked  yet, but I can start the damn zzzzz question, right?

so here I go:

"how far are u guys with 1.3? hihihi smile)"

Ask again in a topic that is no way related to PunBB, and you'll never find out smile

I think this was discussed before, but was pretty much ignored because you only edit forums very rarely, however, there are developments in 1.3 that might see the current system being replaced anyway.


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I think you'll find a lot of hosts will do it if you email them about it.


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Well, there are a number of ways of doing it (mypunbb is currently in its 3rd generation) which atm means all subdomains point to the same place and it loads db settings based on the url.


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MadHatter wrote:

I motion to officially name that feature "seffancyprettyurls" (wp's removal of the / and space made me lol when I saw the url for the blog about it).

lol I noticed that... somehow I don't think it would clear up any confusion tongue


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http://blog.punbb.org/2007/03/19/seffancypretty-urls/ - some information about them in 1.3

Just to back Smartys here, direct attacks against anyone (be it their religion or otherwise) cannot be tolerated, its not what this forum is about.


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fixed wrote:

thanks: i'll just hack on 1.2.X for now.  please indicate when you'd like people to start testing plugins for 1.3.X, keen to ensure the API does support the strange things i want to do :-)

I'm sure we will, if i were you i'd keep an eye on our blog as thats where all the 1.3 info is going to appear (in addition to more specific 1.3 discussion)

As for 1.2.x security afaik we will release updates for any major security issues, but not for general bugs.


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I can't imagine 1.3 not being out before the end of this year (hopefully long before then)

as for developing extensions, yes we plan to ask people to try it out before we release 1.3, but we're not quite ready for that yet smile


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I think the idea is, extensions would have a language folder in their own folder with a file for each language and to fall back on a default language (english in most cases I would guess) if the users selected language isn't avaliable.


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Jérémie wrote:

I may even send him a bottle of French wine if is not too far away...

Surely that would be a punishment? wink

At the end of the day, PunBB doesn't require JS and there will almost certainly be an extension to allow for other login options such as session IDs in the URL.


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Rickard wrote:
spytrdr wrote:

I hope the changes in 1.3 are under the hood only but the general look & feel of the board remains exactly the same. As elegant and neat as it is right now.
From the screenshots of 1.3 I've seen that doesn't seem to be the case and it's looking slightly uglier.

I disagree. I definitely prefer the current look and feel of 1.3 over 1.2. Having worked with 1.3 a lot, I just think 1.2

Its amazing just how quickly you get used to a new look and find the old one dated, the 1.1.x to 1.2.x jump had the same effect on me

Same as with mods i'm sure popular ones will be rewritten by their respective authors, I certainly plan to rewrite most if not all of mine.


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elbekko wrote:
grudon66 wrote:

Rickard: If we need to pay for punbb i will delete my punbb forum and install SMF!

Do you really think anyone gives a damn?

First good reason i've heard for making PunBB paid-for wink


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I really don't see this as being useful to people, as pogenwurst said you have custom tags, and the includes don't help as we don't have those files...

Nothing to do with punbb, moved to programming


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Edit: Damn, beaten to it wink


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Theres no need to bump posts so quickly, be patient.


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Moved to Dicussions, not really a bug and 1.3 isn't supported yet.


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beipink wrote:

PDO for PHP4 is also available, have look this classes here....


Its not supported by hosting companies though, so rather irrelevant