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Its back now.

Do not bump threads minutes after posting in them, be patient.

This isn't a bug with PunBB, moved.

Jannejt wrote:

Has anyone tried to fit new, upcoming punbb 1.3 (svn) and miniportal guide (on wiki..) work together, i think guide needs little editing and of course, 1.3 have new CSS and colors, just wanted to know if anyone is already done somekinda guide for that.. when 1.3 comes out (hope it comes out soon, but let's wait till its ready..) i want to start using it, and miniportal with it..

I wouldn't worry too much, I'll make sure there is either a miniportal guide for 1.3 or possibly a miniportal extension smile

Jannejt wrote:

second question, just for developers and ppl who know about this, does developers info about last releases b4 final release, like RC or something to tell mod developers to start upgrading their modifications to work with 1.3, just to be sure that most used mods are ready to work with 1.3 when it comes out smile

Yeh, there will be a beta or RC or dev version of 1.3 released before the final version, as well as extensions written by the dev team.


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Its still a considerable amount of work, plus you have to remember all these features need testing.


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deadram wrote:

Also, as string, you could perform string based searches for the file type from the files header. Many file types have the first 2-4 bytes as chars specifying their format.

That sounds horrible tongue I would think it would be much more efficient to store than info in another field and search that.


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deadram wrote:

Couldn't you use a string type too, and escape the binary data? dono what the limits on string types are in mysql though tongue

why would you?


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guardian34 wrote:
Smartys wrote:

Because there are no standards for creating mods, which has led to some pretty haphazard creations tongue

Fair enough. tongue Will there be standards for extensions?

Most probably although it can't be totally enforced, I would guess more about this will appear on the DevBlog at some point


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1. In the usergroup options

2. I'm not sure what you mean, you will get email if a new user registers with another users email address, but thats about it afaik.


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is that page in your punbb directory?


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banzaimonkey wrote:

I was poking around the web looking at Ruby stuff earlier and stumbled across Strongspace.  I noticed their forums were running on PunBB.  Cool stuff!  Where else have you seen PunBB being used?

Strongspace is part of Joyent, and so is TextDrive who host this site wink Small world.


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grudon66 wrote:
Paul wrote:

1.3SVN is not a release, there are no extensions and we are not supporting it. Please stop posting pictures of it, there is already a picture gallery online.

Ok... I now it is not a relaease one: I dont have said i is a release and i now it isent!  Two: i now it is galery online i am not a idiot.

We know exactly the situation you are in... we aren't idiots either, but as you have been told, we are not supporting 1.3.


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grudon66 wrote:

How can i install a extension?

1.3 has not been released, there are no extensions, and we are not supporting it.


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EricCarwardine wrote:
elbekko wrote:

So you just want the usertitle and post count to be removed?

I want the entire entry removed - usertitle, user "status" ('banned'), post-count, and date-of-registering.


I do not wish to have to explain why I was banned. Do you think I'd be believed if I said the banning was a spiteful reaction to my deleting all my posts?


We are not discussing it here. Smartys has already explained that. You can talk to the administrators of the forum in question.


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Not a bug, moved to feature requests.


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http://punbb.org/docs/faq.html#faq2_3 but for the cache directory


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deadram wrote:

Connorhd, and Smartys are just trying to drive that "i own joe" part of our brains insane, so that one of us ends up writing 50,000 lines of php to do it XD They know it's possible, they just want to bug us so the we end up doing it instead of them tongue

No, honestly, unless you write a script that can understand excatly what a mod does from the readme (you can't) and then write a new script using that knowledge but using hooks, you can't do it tongue

Odd, Apache/1.3.36 (Unix) mod_gzip/ working fine for me

I think it must be something specific to your setup.


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elbekko wrote:

And I bet you should be able to write a readme to extension tool (it'd be sodding hard, but possible) big_smile

No, i guarantee you it would be impossible

It should be pretty easy to put together an extension which catches posts based on certain conditions and then uses the post approval queue to force a moderator to approve them.

Works fine for me with Apache 1.3.36 are you sure you updated the .htaccess file from the extras folder?

Check for spaces or linebreaks before the <?php in config.php

Moved to Troubleshooting


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hcgtv wrote:

Ok, I see, it's an image for a virtualization engine.

Wonder why they picked Ubuntu when there's a few minimalistic Linux versions out there?


because they wanted usability not purely minimalism?


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Have a look at http://dev.punbb.org/timeline to see whats been happening recently

http://dev.punbb.org/query?status=new&a … der=status for what we're working on
and http://dev.punbb.org/query?status=close … der=status what we've done.

Make your own guess how long the rest of it will take wink