connor I have a user who can't delete PM messages. he says he has 2 pages worth, and when he tries to delete, this is what he gets:

Bad HTTP_REFERER. You were referred to this page from an unauthorized source. If the problem persists please make sure that 'Base URL' is correctly set in Admin/Options and that you are visiting the forum by navigating to that URL. More information regarding the referrer check can be found in the PunBB documentation.

any ideas?


Connorhd wrote:

But i said it is in it on the punres site, if you actually read the thread you would know that.

This thread?

I read that, and nowhere in the thread do you mention that if you're logged in as admin or moderator you will not see the percentage.

here's what you did say:

"It already says that in both the inbox and outbox."

"It IS built in, and if you used this mod then it DOES have it."

and here I am looking right at it and it's not showing it - because I'm logged in as admin and/or moderator.

all i'm saying is that it would relieve headaches for everyone if you either edit your post to reflect that, and/or add it to the docs.


Connorhd wrote:

ok first of all IT ALREADY GIVES A PERCENTAGE OF HOW FULL YOUR MAILBOX IS so why do you have to add this?

The problem is you are admin, admins setting is at 20 whatever but it is ignored.

as you can see by the screen shot, i don't see that as an admin or moderator, and nowhere does it say anything about that, so how the hell am I to know that?

this information is not in the PM mod docs, and you might've said something about it being in there somewhere in the forums - but I didn't see anywhere where you said "it's in there, but if you're an admin or a mod, you won't see it."

if you posted something about that and I missed it, then I apologize.

but maybe it needs to be in the docs because obviously I'm not the only one to have this problem (see the punres site), and obviously you're getting tired of answering this question.

ahh nevermind I got it..

<form method="post" action="message_list.php">
<div class="blocktable" style="margin-left: 152px;">
    <h2><span>[b]<?php echo $name ?></span> : <?php echo "You have $num_messages out of the allocated {$pun_user['g_pm_limit']}" ?>[/b]</h2>

and it goes here:

however, it's saying I only have 20 maximum, but in the settings, it's 30.

I just tried changing the number a few times in the PM plugin settings, and it doesn't appear to be changing it in the db.

in the punres forums, someone posted this to show the number of messages you have and the number of messages allocated:

You have $num_messages out of the allocated {$pun_user['g_pm_limit']}

how do I integrate that into message_list.php?  I tried

<?php echo You have $num_messages out of the allocated {$pun_user['g_pm_limit']} ?>

but I got a parse error because I suck at PHP. help? thanks!


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there are a million PHP random quote scripts out there.. i'm using one here, although I just put it in the main.tpl and it's not a plugin. smile

There's a user on another punBB forum that I'm on that says when he goes into a forum marked as having new posts, those new posts aren't bolded/highlighted and he doesn't know which ones are new.

he's using Opera 9, which I'm assuming is a dev version since 8.5 is the most recent release to the public.

Anyone using Opera 9 and can confirm?

so can the maintainer of this mod send me a message?

you should probably message him

is it too hard to click a button a few time?

that AJAX stuff, while cool, just adds bloat.

on the file where you're getting the parse error..

I've had a problem where the upload was corrupted (or rather, when I downloaded it, it added an extra character to the end of the file).  try reup/downloading the file.

or what Connor said - maybe you did an edit incorrectly.

Arvid wrote:

Since i don't really know what i'm doing when i'm editing all those files i was very careful following the instructions. Guess i managed to mess it up anyway... I'll do it all over again later tonight and hope everything works out fine then.

Edit: I did everything all over, except running install_mod.php, and i still get the parse error. I have a fresh installed 1.2.10 and the only modding i've been doing with the code so far is CodeXP's little hack to open external links in a new window (as described in the last post here,

I don't get it. I've installed PMS once before (on 1.2.6) and i didn't have no problems then. I'm sure i haven't been up to anything funny while editing the code.

as I asked above and Connor said, you have to run install_mod.php.

Connor do I still need to run install_mod.php if I already had the mod installed previously, but updated to 1.2.10 and want to put it back in place?

in poking around the readme, it looks like it's now a plugin..

will running install_mode.php wipe out the messages already in the db from before?


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so basically I should've RTFM? smile  thanks.. worked perfect!

Hey all,

I have a random lyrics generator on my site that goes in the header. This header is also used for the forum.

When punbb pulls main.tpl that has php code, it's not parsing it.

any workaround for that?


yeah I'm going to tone it down a bit..

Hey all,

redesigned my site.  this is version 3, and once again a full CSS site (no tables!).

Upgraded to 1.2.9 and added the News Generator plugin which is very nice.

I'm actually using the stock Lithium theme because it matches the design of the site.

Check it out!



is there a "preview" mode or when I hit "Go" will it automatically delete with my specifications?

i just kinda want to see how many people haven't logged in in x amount of days or have only posted once. but from your verbiage, i think that when i hit "Go" it will delete them without confirmation. true?

they use the same db.

so there is no way to mirror this in a dev folder, then, because the base URLs have to be the same? because I can't change the base URL to the dev folder, obviously, because the site redesign is not done yet.

I haven't changed the base URL yet. will changing this in the new installation affect my current setup?

I went back to an empty string and it still has my previous template, even though I uploaded the 1.2.9 files brand new and just copied the config over.

hmm.. domain string is empty, and when i put everything into the dev folder, it is still looking like as if it wasn't in the dev folder.

so i need to map the domain cookie string to the new dev folder and clear my cookies for it to take the default style back?

oh wait.. where do I edit the base URL?

hey all,

I'm running 1.2.8 and I'm relaunching a site on November 1, and I'll have upgraded to 1.2.9 at that time.

As I'm currently redesigning the site, and I wanted to know if I can just unzip and upload the 1.2.9 files into my dev folder where the new design is and copy over the config file from 1.2.8 and run it as normal.

or would I have to change some cookie settings?  are there any db changes in 1.2.9 from 1.2.8?

I don't really want to post or do any admin from the 1.2.9 install while i'm redesigning. I just want to see what it will look like and tweak some colors, etc.

Then when it's time to launch the site, just copy the 1.2.9 install into its proper location.



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erissiva wrote:
lament wrote:

you guys haven't heard of Reinvigorate?

it's the first thing i thought of when i saw Mint.  pretty much functions like Mint, but it's free.

New version soon, so you can't really test it out yet. they're having a closed beta test currently.

I used to use it before it went to Private Beta.
Was a beautiful thing, it was. Way ahead of its time.

it'll be back.. sometime before the end of the decade I hope. smile

it's intermittently showing my guests/users as well. (left side)

the forum is zippy, but the front page stalls when trying to pull the info.

update: must've been timing out, as all is well now!