darkside wrote:

a notification mail with PM aint necessary if you aks me
you just log in to the forum and you can see whether you have PM or not smile

Some people don't visit forums every single day, and if a PM comes up, it would be nice to have an email saying so.

Connorhd wrote:

if you want a email on PM use the email function not the PM function...

that's silly. then why have a PM mod?

my point - if you're going to make a PM mod, emailiing when you have a PM is pretty helpful.


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404 page not found or it may be soooooo super secret that you can't get to it the way you tried to.

where were we?


Chacmool wrote:
Rickard wrote:

I don't believe I've ever said I would add PM's in 1.2. Polls on the other hand has been discussed.

Ohh, that's true smile Then I'll definately take a look at it.

has anyone requested a "email me when i receive a private message" request yet?

Yup I also read that.

And I got my forum converted over with ease.  thanks for everyone's help!

i also got the parse errors.  look at the very last line of functions.php and profile.php.  if there's a couple of random characters at the very end, change those characters to:


for some reason, they got corrupted on the transfer.  this just happened to me as well.

i'm using filezilla and dreamweaver MX.  maybe dreamweaver messed with the code.

nice.. thanks!

Smartys wrote:

lament: One way to be sure is to check your server access logs for viewtopic.php entries with highlight=%2527 in them. Those will be the ones where it got exploited
And looking at the screenshot, all you need is the database stuff somewhere you can access it


Here's one of my sites (it's actually my friend's site but he's obviously too lazy to correct it right now) smile

Here's a phpBB thread on the phpBB site discussing the highlight issue.

It's pretty well known that it's a php/phpBB exploit.

here's the official word from phpBB


I've been putting off switching over to punBB until the new year, and yesterday all of my sites were hacked into/defaced because of the phpBB/PHP exploit, so i'm going to start fresh.

Does Chacmool's converter need the phpBB files to be on my site (which have been written over by the worm that hacked my sites), or can i just setup punBB as new, create a converter folder and run it?

or do i need to go through the hassle of reinstalling phpbb.

all of my phpbb data is safe on the MySQL server.  it was just all the .php files in the phpbb folder that were screwed.

any help would be appreciated.

god is punishing me for using phpbb, i know. smile

edit: also while i'm here, punBB doesn't have a PM system by default, right?  it's a plugin?

and what are some of the more popular plugins that something like phpBB already have installed?



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well I mean in my phpBB config people are linking offsite, and since punBB doesn't have this capability - how is it handled?  will it error?  will everyone lose their off-site links?

i just want to give a heads up to my users.


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Chacmool wrote:
lament wrote:

If i install this on the same machine as the one I have phpBB on currently, do you see any potential problems when trying to convert over using Chacmool's converter?

No, there's no problem at all. In fact, you must have the database and webserver on the same machine when running the converter.

Yeah i figured.  I installed it on another machine last night and was playing around with it.

So your converter also converts the users as well?

And what about if I had off-site linking on phpbb.  How does the converter handle that?

thanks for the help..


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If i install this on the same machine as the one I have phpBB on currently, do you see any potential problems when trying to convert over using Chacmool's converter?


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anything off the top of your head that you can offer real quick?


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and I'm mainly thinking about the Admin's features.. thanks!


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maybe i'm not seeing it, but does anybody have a list of features punBB has that phpBB doesn't, and vice versa?

i'm considering switching over and I want to see what I'd be missing if I did switch, besides private messaging, file attachments in posts, definable user groups, polls, post preview, linking to off-site avatars, advanced text formatting controls, subforums.