Hello Vbird2k!
Unfortunately this is the only available version of PunBB.NET for now.
It is a beta version  and it does have some problems and bugs. We are not working on it right now, and it is hard to say  when the next, improved version will be released.

Hello wandy!
We will check it and fix the bug.
Thank you for your report!


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wandy wrote:

The post approval for "Guest" doesn't work for me

It should work correctly... I just checked it with a guest user, and it works fine for me. Have you updated to the latest version?


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Pun Approval 1.4.2 is available.
A bug with poster's IP which was changed to the IP of administrator after the post had been approved has been fixed.

Waiting for your ideas and bug reports.


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Pun Approval 1.4.1 has been released.
A bug with unaccessible unapproved posts (there are posts waiting for approval, but there is a message "No posts waiting for approval" when you try to access them) has been fixed. We also added missing fields to the SQL query  mentioned earlier in this topic.
A problem with ip address of a user who has just been approved is still present. It will be fixed in the next version of the extension.

Thank you all for the feedback. We will continue to improve pun_approval. Your ideas and bug reports  will be very useful.

Is your question about how to get ip, username and email for each post waiting for approval? Or are you asking about how to send this information to stopforumspam extension? Can you describe the situation in more details?


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Pun_poll 1.1.11 is available for download!
In this version PostgreSQL compatibility problem has been resolved. 
Download links:

Feel free to report more bugs


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Thank you for the description of the bug. A new version of pun_approval will be released next week.

Pun_invitation_only 1.2.1 has been released.
In the previous version of the extension email adress field could be left empty when invitation form was submitted. This bug has been fixed.

jordi, thank you for your feature request and bug report. We will take all this information into account and improve the extension soon.


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genmb wrote:

Basically... (if at all possible doing so)
1. in forum view have unapprove or approve certain topic.
2. in topic view have unapprove or approve certain post.

Thank you for your idea. We will think about it.


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genmb wrote:

What about unapproving a topic or post till you're absolutely sure its worthy to have

Are you talking about some kind of internediate state between approved and unapproved? And what happens to a post if i unapprove it the way you describe? Is it added to the topic or not? In current version a post can stay unapproved as long as you need, and if you want to approve it later, you can do it any time you want. I hope i understood everything you said right. If not, please explain in more details.


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KeyDog wrote:

Is it possible that if a Guest posts a reply and the Admin approves it, the post gets the Admins IP ?!
That's what has just happened today to me ...

There are some problems with IP addresses. So the situation you described is possible. We are working on the extension right now. Thanks for the report.

Hello! The latest version of PunBB.NET is beta, and there are a lot of problems in it. And we are aware of all those flaws you mentioned. But because of some changes in our team we don't work on PunBB.NET improvement alot right now.


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loxodon wrote:

for next releases of this extension, maybe it would be good to have an option in settings to enable/disable post approval globally for new created forums

KeyDog wrote:


Talking of improvements;
I'd love to a see a Pun Approval Plus with the above illustrated possibility to send spam registrations to the Stopforumspam db.

Thanks for all your ideas. We will be considering them when work on the next version of the extension


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loxodon wrote:

s it possible to have enabled only the registration approval? (and the posting approval disabled)

Yes, it is possible in the current version of the extension. You need to go to Administration->Start->Forums and there you can edit the settings for each forum. If "post approval" checbox is unchecked for a forum, all new posts in it will be added without approval. You can disable post approval for all your forums, but registration approval will be enabled.


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Thank you for new ideas. We will use them in the next version of the extension.


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Eclipse wrote:

Here's another bug: I notice that each time after approving a post made by a new user, that the I.P. address on the approved post has changed to my I.P. address.

Thank you. We will fix it.


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Zoldrax wrote:

after extension activated, this topic do not insert in "post_approval_topics" table

We were not able to recreate this bug. If this problem is still present, please describe in more details the situation when it happens.


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You can try new version of pun_approval 1.4.0!
Difference between  current and a  previous version:   
- post count in user's pofile didn't change after user's posts were approved. This bug has been fixed.
- now when you are trying to remove a post waiting for approval, you will be asked to confirm your decision. This will prevent you from deleting posts by accident. But to use this feature you will have to turn it on in administration -> settings ->features menu  (new option "Post removal confirmation" has been added there)
Download links:

Feel free to report bugs and request new features.


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Thank you for your bug reports.
We will fix the problems as soon as possible.

Try new pun_invitation_only 1.2.0!
Here are the changes in comparison with the previous version:
- Now you can either use standart invitation template or write an invotation message on your own. If there is no text added by user on invitation page, standart template is used. In case user wants to compose an invitation letter on his own, this text will be used instead of standart template.
- Link to invitation page changed it's place.
- Information about a person by whom a user was invited and information about all the new members user invited himself have been added to user's profile.

Feel free to report bugs and request new features!

blackbookboard wrote:

Well I installed it, but in doing so it sets up the invitation link right where I can my "new messages" link for pm's. 
Anyone know a workaround for this?

Hello blackbookboard!
Right now we are finishing new version of pun_invitation_only. In this version invitation link will be moved to another position.


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Pun_approval 1.3.0 is available!
We fixed the bugs mentioned earlier in this topic and added several new features.
- In case you don't want to send email every time you reject new registration, you should change extension settings in Administration->Setings->Features
- Administrator of a forum can now receive emails informing him about all new registrations waiting for approval. This setting is situated in the same group of options as the previous one.

Tell us what new features we can add! Report all the bugs you find!

New version 1.0.1 of pun_invitation_only has been released.
The bugs mentioned in this topic were fixed. The next step will be to add features described here.

Let us know if you find more bugs or if there is anything else we can add to the functionality of the extension.