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One another question smile
The names of users who visited the forum today is sorted by ABC. How to sort the names of users by the time of visit?


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Much thanks. smile

When nobody is online the line with the list of users who visited the forum that day ("Online today") moves to the upper line ("Users online"). How to fix it?


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YonasH, thank you for the extention but there is no functions like:
1. Guests can't see who was online today.
2. How can administrator set the mask for the range of IP adresses, for example: 10.15. - 10.20. = Unknown.
3. How to make the extention recognize IP adress wich is not in the list of IP adresses as "unknown", for example: *.*. = Unknown.


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Pun Poll 1.1.2 is released. smile


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We have been discussing this extension for so much days but we have not still released it. Who will be the first? smile As I understood many people are waiting for it.


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Garciat, it works. How can I add a separating line over the line "Today's online"?


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Does not work.

Yes i did. This is a problem with my browser.

The proplem has been not solved. Besides i put off all the extensions but it did not help me. sad

My way out from this situation was: reinstall the extension Pun Bbcode and reload the file include/functions.php. smile

Garciat, I have installed the next extensions: anycodetool, hide_online, pun_antispam, pun_bbcode, pun_pm, pun_poll, pun_quote, pun_repository and remove_pun_footer. This video file I made with the help of FastStone Capture. smile

I've installed extension Pun Bbcode, but there are some text smiles do not match to graffic smile icons. In order to be understood correctly I attach the link to the video file. Does anybody know how to put it right?

http://rapidshare.com/files/191211111/P … em.7z.html — 220 kb.


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Slavok, by the way i have messaged about it already: http://punbb.ru/post22311.html#p22311 smile


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I found a forum PunBB 1.3 (http://flazy.ru/), and there are all the needed restrictions, "who was online" is among of them. Lets ask the developer to share his developments.

P.s. Russians do not surrender! big_smile

Up! big_smile


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Pun poll 1.0.3 errors:

Notice: Undefined index: p_pun_poll_enable_read in /www/extensions/pun_poll/functions.php on line 80
Notice: Undefined index: p_pun_poll_enable_revote in /www/extensions/pun_poll/functions.php on line 93

yonash, thank you so much. This extension very nesesuary for comfortable work with PunBB. tongue

It would be comfortable to hide important topics or messages from unlogged users. For example if a user could do that with the help of tag [hide] or another one. Who can make such an extension? tongue


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This extension does not work. Why has it appeared in repository? neutral


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For 1.3: you can install the forum in another folder or local machine. After that copy the hash of password to the old db. This is the easiest way. smile


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No there is not. But I would like to have it for PunBB 1.3 smile

I need to make an anonymous forum. How to switch off log of ip-adresses for admins, moderators and data base?

Thank you. That's ok now. tongue
Was it tested at Opera & Google Chrome?

Garciat wrote:

This can be fixed by adding...

Does not work.

downliner, thank you for your help. smile