Garciat wrote:

It seems your .php files are not being processed by PHP. Are you using Windows?

no Linux....    and Ive tried it with php running in the background , and relying on the script to call php.

depending on what smtp server you are running you can block relaying of mail.
if you telnet or netcat to 25 (just an example)
issue the command
helo will be greeted
issue the command
mail from: ........server will accknowledge
issue command
rcpt to: .... server denies relay.

Try doing this with your sever and see if it will relay the message or deny it.
then read the docs or man pages of the smtp mail server you are using and learn to how to stop it. (by blocking relaying of mail to non registered users will could even require authentication....upon connection to the server (depending on which one your using).

I have php 5.2.6, and sqlite3 installed.
I followed the instructions for installation but im not getting the results I should (according to the instructions).
I unpacked the .zip file punBB-1.3 and moved that to /var/www/htdocs/punbb
Im running apache 2.
I open my browser and type in and hit go.
all I get is the php code, no instructions for installation as the instructions on the website says I should get .... am I missing something?, or not doing something right?
Like I said I'm new to this ... I'm trying to create my own intranet bbs system and test it before I put it on the web hence using the loop back
Ive googled and found a few places that say you need to configure apache to use php and sqlite3 , and I think this may be the problem but I'm not sure how to go about it. If there are any websites you guys know about that simplify this or make it easy to understand please share.
As of now I did a standard install of apache2 on slackware and the only thing ive configured is the option to keep it on the loopback .
I really like the way punBB looks and its simplicity please help....thanks.