I would like to see a calendar extension for PunBB. The features I'm looking for are:

  • Show upcoming events on start page (preferable integrated with portal extension).

  • A "calendar page" that shows the events in a monthly view.

  • Forum members can create their own events.

  • Events should have a name, description, date - time (start and end) and location.

  • A guest list, forum members can easily confirm that they're attending an event.

  • A checkbox to allow comments, which would create a new forum thread in a specific forum section for the event.

I basically want something like Facebook's "Events". For now I'm using Google Calendar (embedded in an iframe), but it doesn't offer a very good integration with the site.


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Portal by Daris have this feature.


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Yeah, I'm using Firefox wink


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Sweet. But it would be even better if the Enter key worked properly. If the mouse isn't over the "popup box", pressing Enter only closes the box.


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Would it be possible to set the panel widths in pixels instead of percent?


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Hey this is a very nice extension, thank you very much daris!


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Slavok wrote:

When did this error appear? What actions led to it?

/admin/extensions.php?install=pun_tags [1]
When I click on the button "Install extension" on that page, I get the error message.

[1] after clicking "Install extension" on /admin/extensions.php?section=manage


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Is this supposed to work with 1.3.0? I get this error when I try to install it:

The error occurred on line 94 in /***/admin/extensions.php(176) : eval()'d code

Database reported: ERROR: column "p_pun_poll_enable_read" does not exist .

I have a similar problem with pun_poll.


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Thanks Utchin and KeyDog big_smile


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KeyDog, could you please add Sweden - Swedish under "Interest for following languages known to exist "? Unfortunately I'm too busy at the moment to do it, and it doesn't look brighter in the near future as I'd hoped. hmm

Thank you Garciat. You rock!

Nice extension! Could you please make it possible to show/hide user group? smile

Thanks for the answer. So you have to use UTF-8? LATIN-1 has worked fine until now.

Edit: Nevermind. The database should use UTF-8 but for some reason it's reported as Latin-1. I'll hopefully work it out. smile


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Would it be possible for the extension to check if pun_bbcode is installed and, if it is, add a button for the video tag?

I'm trying to install the hotfix "removing a notice on updates check." but get the error

An error was encountered

The error occurred on line 186 in */admin/extensions.php

Database reported: ERROR: character 0xe28093 of encoding "UTF8" has no equivalent in "LATIN1" .

Any pointers on how to solve this? The forum runs PunBB 1.3.


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If you're talking about my post, I said I might do it, but probably don't have time until sometime next year. With other words, no progress yet (from my side).

Slavok wrote:

If I understand you correctly, you want "<FORUM_URL>/forum"  redirect user to some existing forum?

That's right.

That's great to hear, thank you.

When I register a new user and follow the link in the Welcome mail, I get the following warning:

Notice: Array to string conversion in */profile.php on line 127

* is the forum root. I use the default English language pack.

By the way, this is a 1.3 issue. Could anyone please help me move the thread to this section?

Sorry for this stupid question, but I couldn't find any information about it. Actually I have a hard time finding anything here, as my favorite search feature is gone;

what happened to the "Search in:" option in PunBB 1.3? I especially miss "Search in: topic subjects only". Is there any easy way to get it back?


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Is anyone working on the Swedish translation? I might do it but I'm not sure I'll have time until sometime next year. If anyone starts to work on it, please give me a shout.

Garciat wrote:

Oh... so... /forum/2 isn't a physical path? It's being redirected by mod_rewrite?

Ah, sorry about that. Yes, it's a redirect (as far as I understand anyway). As I said, I use "Folder based" as URL scheme.

Unfortunately the database isn't new, the site has been running PunBB 1.2.9 for a while. Instead of upgrading, we decided to create a "new" forum and move the database.

Moving the files to /forum wouldn't help, as far as I know. If we take PunBB's forum as an example, /forum would be, but I want /forum to be

Isn't there a way to modify forum_urls.php and rewrite_rules.php to change /forum/2 to /forum?


I'm new to PunBB, and PHP in general. Yesterday I (actually my friend) got PunBB 1.3 running, and it works great. smile

I wonder if there's any way to change the URL "forum/2" to just "/forum".
(Version 1.3, Folder Based URL scheme).

The site has only two forums, and the first one is for admins etc., so regular users can't see it anyway. It would be convenient if http://mysite/forum led to the main forum (PunBB is "installed under" http://mysite/). I'm going to modify index.php to show some other content than the forum index.

Thanks in advance.