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My List:

66.249 = Google
67.195 = Yahoo
72.30 = Yahoo
74.6 = Yahoo
65.55 = MSN
38.99.13 = Cuil
38.99.44 = Cuil
64.1.215 = Cuil
208.36.144 = Cuil
216.129.119 = Cuil
75.101 = Amazon
67.202 = Amazon
174.129  = Amazon


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Doesn't work. PHP-error: "SAFE_MODE restriction...". PunBB gives out that it can't create file.
Why can PunBB create files in the cache directory, but not in other directories?


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I just found out that in the first post there's a 1.0.4 (I thought 1.0.3 was latest, like said in previous post). But the download link (and the whole site around it, as well as the user from here) is gone. Does anybody still have the 1.0.4?


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I still can't install the extension because the .htaccess file can't be copied into the random string folder. By the way, the folder is created, but when I try to delete it manually through ftp I get the error "No such directory exists", when I then reload the file/folder list, the  folder is gone. But if I don't try to delete the "non-existant" folder, the folder does NOT get deleted.
On the server is running Linux + Apache + Plesk. Maybe there are some problems with permissions?


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Slavok wrote:

Is there .htaccess file in the directory "<FORUM_ROOT>/extensions/pun_attachment/attachments"?

Yes it's there.

I just deleted everything that had to do with pun_attachment (extension folder from 1.0, cleaned db manually). Then uploaded pun_attachment 1.0.1. Set the attachments folder inside it to 777. Then clicked "Install" in admin panel. Same error. The directory that should contain the htaccess file get's created. But the file can't be copied into it.

I have PunBB 1.3.4.


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It's fresh. But I had an alpha version installed a long time ago, but this was removed correctly (also a long time ago).


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I get the following error:
Unable to copy .htaccess file to the new subfolder with name "../extensions/pun_attachment/attachments/7b0d0baa2468065ac751c1bacea3dd8e"

the attachments folder is set to 777.

What exactly was changed?


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Looks nice, but it still has this one thing that is also bothering me on Oxygen:
The rows or boxes are to high. I liked the slim look of PunBB 1.2 and was hoping for some 1.3 style that features the slimness.


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I used the extension since it came out, but in this time I realised that another "time scheme" would be better.

Currently it is this way:
While merging, there is added something like "1 day, 3 hours, 5 minutes and 4 seconds later".

But I think it should work this way:
For example, when the post date is 03/05/2009 09:15 PM and a double post is merged there shoudl be something like this:
"On 03/07/2009 10:40 AM was added:"

I'm also fine with both ways at once ("[this time] later on [new date] was added:"), but the new date should appear at least. This would make it a lot easier to find out the time, because you don't have to calculate it yourself (especially when there are more posts merged, not only two).

If you read a topic, the posts have numbers, first one is 1, second is 2 and so on. Everything is fine.
But if you click reply, the newest post is 1, the second newest is 2 and so on.
Inversed counting.

I wanted to refer to a specific post number while answering in a new post, but I couldn't, because the numbers were counting the wrong way, so I had to open the topic in a new tab to find out the correct number. That's how I found out about it.

Is there an option anywhere or is this a bug or is it intended? I'd like to have the first post be numbered always as "1", no matter if I'm reading or posting.

Thank you.


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I remember that I read about the reason why these redirect pages are there anyways, but I forgot why it was... Can someone please tell me again why there the redirect pages?

Are there any news on this?

I did not get it working.

I can't find the style generator. I only see an empty PunBB.


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But it should be a official change.

Let's take the case that there is a new version released. When updating it, also the language files get updated and we have to change it manually again. And that is annoying.


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Fully agreed. I always am confused about this thing. "Private Messages" or simply "PMs" should do it. And when there are newmessages it changes to something like "You have X new PMs".

Thanks, I'll try it and report how it works.

But I'd still rather like a Wordpress plugin that does it automatically or a PunBB plugin that automatically checks the wordpress tables for new entries.

edit: Uh, where/how to define Triggers in phpMyAdmin?

I know there's already something like a Wordpress/PunBB integration that syncs the user tables. But that's not what I'm looking for.

I need a plugin for PunBB/Wordpress that replaces the Wordpress comments by PunBB topics. It doesn't have to be very complex or so. It should work this way:
When I post a new blog entry in Wordpress, it also automatically creates a new topic with the same title. And the comments link in Wordpress redirects to this topic. So that the users read the news in the blog, but can comment it in the forum.

An example: I'll write a blog entry "Great news about XYZ!" and when I publish it, it will normally be published PLUS in my PunBB forum is a topic created (by my admin account or a dummy account), named "Great news about XYZ!" and it contains a link to the blog entry and a small sentence like "You may discuss this news here."

Is this easy possible?


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Are there already styles out there that changes other things and not only the colors? I only see recolored Oxygens.

What I'd like to see are styles that for example change the sizes of the boxes (and maybe also the text size). Not that I dislike Oxygen (I really like it), but the only thing annoying is - compared to the standard PunBB 1.2 skin - that the boxes are huge.
With boxes I mean for example the whole header, the category name lines, the "tables" (I know they are divs, no tables, but they optically look like tables wink ) that contain the forum names and topic count and so on. These were much smaller in PunBB 1.2 and I hoped that 1.3 continues this (because I liked the fact that you can see a lot of the whole forum on one screen), but now after several months there's still no style that does these changes.


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This is something I'd like to see, too.

Like this: You create a topic and there's a checkbox like "Editable for all (wiki-style)". And then all members that have access to the topic can edit it. Only the first post on the topic is wiki-like, the rest is like non-editable comments.


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Time order could give some problems, I believe. Users are in different time zones, and some users visit a site more than once a day (which of the visits counts?). And what if someone looks on the site at 2359, but does his last action on 0003. Does he count as last visitor from day one or as the first visitor of day two or both (but remember: it was actually only one visit)?


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Same error here. Must be a bug in some JS functions.


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Is it possible to add this URL http://punbb.informer.com/unofficial/pu … xtensions/ to the repository URL array? Or woudln't that work?
It would really be great to have an easy-access from the own forum to a large repository (official and unofficial) constisting of several sources. Just like it's with the linux package repositories, where you can easily add a new repository by adding its URL to the list.


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Cool, looking really forward to this. But don't hurry, better to take some more days than having a bug-release. wink

I'm asking all this because it's rather annoying to crawl the forums here to fid out if an extension got updated or not.


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How many (and what) extension repositories already exists?

I know of the official one and the one from YonasH.

By the way, YonasH if you read this, is it possible to show your other extension in the list (the ones in your repository that are not installed in the forum)? So hat it works exactly like PunRep.

ALso, it would be great to have a simple function to add repositories by just adding the URL to a list.