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Export it. Then import it into the other one. PhpMyAdmin can do this easily. But you should be sure that there are no double entries (like two users with the same name or something like that)! Double entries could lead to problems.


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I tried it. It doesn't work. It looks like no skin at all, only plain and unformatted text.

Isn't there a format that is commonly supported? What formats are nativly supported by Windows? Only zip? Because if gzip is also supported, this would fit for both, *nix and Windows users.

One more question: If I uninstall/disable pun_repository, do the other installed extension still perform the auto-check for updates or is this feature bound to pun_repository?

Well, I could still use it to have quick access to the repository content (seeing all official released add-ons in the latest version with download link).
Or is there anything that speaks against this?

Thanks for the info.

Then, is there any reason to still have it installed?

As far as I understood, safe_mode is enabled by default these days (or most hosters enable it). How can it be that so many people don't have this problem then?

So, you think it's a problem specific with PHP version 5?

Creating (cache), uploading (avatar) and downloading (getting the tgz) files works. What is the technical diference for extracting the tgz files? Is it that PHP has to run a program and that is forbidden through safe_mode?

I answered your PM. Sorry that I can't help you there.

But I looked through all of Plesk's options. There's nothing that has to do with directory permissions (or something that has to do with the error message I get).
But PHP is enabled in "safe_mode". What exactly is this safe_mode? Maybe it has something to do with it?


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grudon66 wrote:

If i update the new hotfixes my i 1.3, will be to 1.3.1?

You mean, if the hotfixes are already integrated? Yes, they are. And the old installed hotfixes will not be shown anymore (because they are now "hardcoded").

Any news on it? PunBB 1.3.1 Update brought no changes to the situation, by the way.
Anybody knows if Plesk has some options related to the directory permissions (if we assume that it is really Plesk that causes the problem)?


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What was changed from 1.2.2 --> 1.2.3 ?


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So, this update contains only the hotfixes?

And will there be an "updated files only package"? (like it was always done for 1.2.x)

My system also runs on Plesk. Maybe it has really to do with it?

Changing this line did nothing.

What exactly do you need from the php info? It's very long wink

I did it.

The tgz file is there, the (empty!) folder is created with 0777. So the problem is at extracting the files.
Is it possible that my PHP configuration does not allow extraction? Where can I check this?

You mean the direction of the addon that should be installed?

Nope, the directory is not there.

By the way, should uninstalling an extension delete the actual files, too (or only the db content)? Because I tested deleting an extension and the files stayed.


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In the setting we can disable the Rediretc page, but it is not recommended:
"If set to 0 seconds, no redirect page will be displayed (not recommended)"

My question: Why is it not recommended? What exactly is the redirect page for? And what could happen if I disable it?

Sorry for double post. But are there any news on the issue?

Is setting "extensions" to 0777 the only requirement? Or could it be that I must change some others things?

Exactly, this is my configuration.

PHP: 5.2.6-0.dotdeb.1
MySQL Standard 5.0.51a
OS: Debian
Apache 2

Is it possible that some needed PHP function is disabled?

Also, when I try to download the tgz manually to my computer it takes like 2 seconds to set up the connection. But on the forum the error message appears without delay. Can it be that the file isn't even tried to be downloaded?

If I install the hotfixes on 1.3, but some time later the 1.3.1 for example is released, does it contain these hotfixes from scratch? And if so, will the installed hotfixes list in the admin panel be cleared?

Or won't there be normal updates, because anything can be done by one-click-hotfixing it?

I'm still a bit confused with this new update/extension system. wink

I also have the official PM system installed, latest version. But that's all.

How do I run that command? I have no root access, only ftp. But it gives only the file list, am I right? There's index.html and the two folders pun_repository and pun_pm, no hidden files.

I just installed 1.2.2. The PHP Errors are gone, but the following is still there.
"ERROR! Files could not be extracted from the downloaded archive. The next errors appear while extracting:
Error while opening {'../extensions/pun_bbcode/styles.css'} in write binary mode"

extensions directory is set to 777.

But still, it seems that the file isn't even downloaded (because it isn't on the ftp). The archives are to downloaded to the extensions dir, aren't they?

I use 1.2.1.

Yes, I use the repository.

There is no tgz file in the extensions dir. Seems that it isn't even downloaded. But the extensions directory is 777 (I did just recheck).

Hotfix installation works without problems (is this even based on the same technology?).

Hi, I get the following errors whe nI try to autoamtically install extensions:

These two are php errors:
Notice: Undefined index: Install extensions in [mypath]/extensions.php(664) : eval()'d code on line 195

Notice: Undefined index: admin_extensions_install in [mypath]/extensions.php(664) : eval()'d code on line 195

And this appears in a red box in the admin panel:
ERROR! Files couldn't be extracted from the downloaded archive. The next errors appear while extracting:
Error while opening {'../extensions/pun_bbcode/styles.css'} in write binary mode

What is wrong? The extensions folder is chmoded to 777.