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parpalak, yes, it was problem with encoding... sad

Thank you for answer! wink
Now all works fine. smile


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I am writting about pun_bbcode extension.

I don't know, maybe in my problem guilty my crooked hands, or maybe it is bug of extention.

I tryed translate this extention, and like example I used the English file:


if (!defined('FORUM')) die();

$lang_pun_bbcode = array(
    'Pun BBCode Bar'                => 'Use BBCode Bar',
    'Notice BBCode Bar'                => 'Enable BBCode Bar when writing posts (extension Pun BBCode)',
    'BBCode Graphical'                => 'Use graphical buttons',
    'BBCode Graphical buttons'        => 'Use graphical buttons in BBcode Bar'


When I tryed create the translation file in folder "Russian" , like this:


if (!defined('FORUM')) die();

$lang_pun_bbcode = array(
    'Pun BBCode Bar'                => 'Использовать панель BBCode',
    'Notice BBCode Bar'                => 'Разрешить использование панели BBCode, когда пишутся сообщения (расширение Pun BBCode)',
    'BBCode Graphical'                => 'Использовать графические кнопки',
    'BBCode Graphical buttons'        => 'Использовать графические кнопки на панели BBcode'


The translation make one problem:
When I go into preferences, in Profile menu, all options, on page, where I can show preferences from this extension, doesn't show on the screen (I can't see DIV layer, where is the all preferences)...

I too tryed remove this line

if (!defined('FORUM')) die();

But it's didn't help me.

What I do wrong? Or it is bug of extension?

PunBB 1.3.1
BBCode Buttons 1.2.1

Hello, elbekko!

When I try to install your extension, I have this problem:

Notice: Undefined variable: db in /home/xxx/domains/xxx.xx/public_html/forum/admin/extensions.php(176) : eval()'d code on line 3

Fatal error: Call to a member function table_exists() on a non-object in /home/xxx/domains/xxx.xx/public_html/forum/admin/extensions.php(176) : eval()'d code on line 3

Can you help me resolve this problem?

Extension version: v2.0.3
PunBB version: 1.3.1

P.S. Thank you for attention! smile