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hcgtv wrote:

But creating a .NET equivalent of PunBB sends the wrong signal.

I guess it proves what we'd been told on the Flux forums.

fixed wrote:

please, though, surprise me, but i'm interpreting this as writing-on-the-wall for php-centric punbb.  i came to these forums to grab documentation on the 1.3 api to write some extensions, but i'm put off now. sad

Same there. I was feeling bad I didn't find the time to finish my extension, now I'm pretty happy with that... When I saw this PunBB.Net news I almost had an heart attack. Now I just need to find another OS BBS... neutral


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Actually, for Atom I think it should be application/atom+xml

And for RSS probably application/rss+xml


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MattF wrote:

Besides, if 1.3 truly is XHTML compliant, then that shouldn't be a problem in any area of the forum.

Actually, I was rather thinking about the possibility of broken extensions. wink


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I think if someone does this extension they could do the spoiler tag at the same time, since it looks a bit similar wink


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Noom wrote:

I don't quite understand how to install this one, there's no readme included... or am i just stupid? (don't hit me please)

All unofficial extensions have the same install process:
- unpack locally
- upload to you punBB installation in the extension folder
- go to your punBB admin panel, to the extension tab (hint: this is located here if you want to go faster: admin/extensions.php?section=manage)
- the new extension should be in the list, ready for installation

Edit: And btw, since you don't know how to install an extension I assume that maybe you don't know this so:
SVN ISN'T the same version as release 1.3.2 wink (cf very first line of very first post)


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Rather a defect than a bug, I think... still, I'm currently developing (quite slowly...) an extension, thus I often upgrade it on my test board. And I noticed an issue with the way upgrades are handled: if a new database field is added in a new version of the extension, it isn't added when running the upgrade process. Which means that for the upgrade to work properly, I need either to add the field(s) manually to the database, or to uninstall then reinstall the extension.

And a (minor) display bug: on the "manage extension" page, there are too many spaces, for instance:

BBCode buttons ( Extension disabled. )

should be:

BBCode buttons (Extension disabled)


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As far as I know, the proper solution to handle this is to check whether or not the browser supports application/xhtml, then set the page type consequently. The resulting page may still fail at some validators, but the fault will be on the validator's side, because it doesn't send out a proper list of its supported page types.

I have this on my site, I just can't access the FTP from work. Will check later if still needed.

Re-edit: I think sending out the page as application/xhtml should be toggleable by the board administrator. Because in some browsers (Firefox, anyone? big_smile), when an application/xhtml page contains a single error, it won't be displayed at all. Great for debugging, not cool for publishing hmm


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Under development there: http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/pcr_avatar


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Garciat wrote:

There really is no point in having a hooks list when you don't know where they are (line-wise).

Lol, actually I meant a list of hooks telling me where they are. Thought it was obvious wink

hcgtv wrote:

I haven't created a Xref for PunBB 1.3, but here is one from the FluxBB 1.3 svn:

Thanks... but I think I'll stick with Google for the moment.


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Garciat wrote:

Could explain me what differences between GPL v2 and v3 are

Well, not really indeed. All I'm sure of is that:
- most GPL projects say they are licensed under GPL "either version X of the License, or (at your option) any later version."
- GPL version 3 adds anti-tivoization measures, as explained much better than I could myself there: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/rms-why-gplv3.html

Garciat wrote:

and how to add the license to my extensions/projects?

Again, better than I could explain myself: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-howto.html
You can also see how they implemented it in PunBB: http://punbb.informer.com/svn/punbb/tag … 2/post.php
If you need more details, I would strongly advise you not to ask me wink, because I'm not really a specialist on license matters. All I do is put most of the stuff I do under the latest GPL (or GFDL) license because it's usually the best for compatibility with materials I use.


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Garciat wrote:

I'm not sure about the license... does it matter?

Well, I'd like to use your extension as a work base for another extension under GPL v3. I probably won't need to keep much of the code, probably not more than a few lines of it, but if your extension was already GPL it would spare me the trouble of rewriting these pieces or wondering what's the max length of a portion of code that can be copied without it being copyright violation smile


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Is there a list of hooks somewhere? For the moment, I search for them using Google "PunBB [hookname]", which gives decent results but I suppose there is maybe a more efficient way to find them big_smile


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Thanks for this extension.
2 little (minor) bugs, though:

  • when used along with pun_antispam, in the administration panel the Gravatar settings are separated from the avatar settings by the captcha settings

  • I believe it's rather some core misbehavior than a problem with your extension, but if "Allow users to upload avatars for display in posts" isn't checked, the Gravatars won't show up. This is a bit annoying if I want to allow Gravatars but prevent ppl from uploading stuff to my server.

Edit: btw, what's the license for your extensions? GPL v2/3?