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You probably deleted further hooks below the one I copy pasted above. Sounds like code related to hook below is missing:

<hook id="aop_new_section"><![CDATA[

Instead of using notepad I would recommend you download the free programme PSPad and use that (if you're on windows). It shows the row numbers and has syntax highlighter.


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voiceone wrote:

could u pls copy past what I need to remove?

see above.



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1. Uninstall via admin panel (your questions will be lost)
2. Open manifest.xml
3. Delete  (from line 173)

        <hook id="po_form_submitted"><![CDATA[
            if (!$forum_page['is_admmod'] && !isset($_POST['preview']))
                include $ext_info['path'].'/functions.php';
                if (file_exists(FORUM_CACHE_DIR.'cache_pun_stop_bots.php'))
                    include FORUM_CACHE_DIR.'cache_pun_stop_bots.php';
                if (!defined('PUN_STOP_BOTS_CACHE_LOADED') || $pun_stop_bots_questions['cached'] < (time() - 43200))
                    require FORUM_CACHE_DIR.'cache_pun_stop_bots.php';
                if (file_exists($ext_info['path'].'/lang/'.$forum_user['language'].'/'.$ext_info['id'].'.php'))
                    include $ext_info['path'].'/lang/'.$forum_user['language'].'/'.$ext_info['id'].'.php';
                    include $ext_info['path'].'/lang/English/'.$ext_info['id'].'.php';

                $pun_stop_bots_true_answer = FALSE;

                //Check up the cookie.
                if (isset($_COOKIE[PUN_STOP_BOTS_COOKIE_NAME]))
                    $pun_stop_bots_true_answer = pun_stop_bots_check_cookie();
                //Check up the entered question.
                else if (isset($_POST['pun_stop_bots_submit']))
                    $query = array(
                        'SELECT'    => 'pun_stop_bots_question_id',
                        'FROM'        => $forum_user['is_guest'] ? 'online' : 'users',
                        'WHERE'        => $forum_user['is_guest'] ? 'ident = \''.$forum_user['ident'].'\'' : 'id = '.$forum_user['id']
                    $result = $forum_db->query_build($query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);
                    $row = $forum_db->fetch_assoc($result);

                    if ($row)
                        $question_id = $row['pun_stop_bots_question_id'];
                        message($lang_common['Bad request']);

                    $answer = isset($_POST['pun_stop_bots_answer']) ? forum_trim(strtolower($_POST['pun_stop_bots_answer'])) : null;
                    if (!empty($answer))
                        $pun_stop_bots_true_answer = pun_stop_bots_compare_answers($answer, $question_id);
                        $pun_stop_bots_true_answer = FALSE;
                    //Generate new question in case of incorrect answer.
                    if (!$pun_stop_bots_true_answer)
                        $new_question_id = $forum_user['is_guest'] ? pun_stop_bots_generate_guest_question_id() : pun_stop_bots_generate_user_question_id();

                // If it is a user and answer is correct set new cookie.
                if (!$forum_user['is_guest'] && !isset($_COOKIE[PUN_STOP_BOTS_COOKIE_NAME]) && $pun_stop_bots_true_answer)
                    $new_question_id = $forum_user['is_guest'] ? pun_stop_bots_generate_guest_question_id() : pun_stop_bots_generate_user_question_id();
                else if ($forum_user['is_guest'] && $pun_stop_bots_true_answer)
                    $query = array(
                        'UPDATE'    =>    'online',
                        'SET'        =>    'pun_stop_bots_question_id = NULL',
                        'WHERE'        =>    'ident = \''.$forum_user['ident'].'\''
                    $forum_db->query_build($query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);
                else if (!$pun_stop_bots_true_answer)
                    //If it is first request of the page, we need to generate new question.
                    if (!isset($new_question_id))
                        $new_question_id =  $forum_user['is_guest'] ? pun_stop_bots_generate_guest_question_id() : pun_stop_bots_generate_user_question_id();

                    $forum_page['crumbs'] = array(
                        array($forum_config['o_board_title'], forum_link($forum_url['index'])),
                        $lang_pun_stop_bots['Stop bots question legend']

                    $forum_page['form_handler'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
                    $forum_page['question'] = $pun_stop_bots_questions['questions'][$new_question_id]['question'];
                    $forum_page['hidden_fields'] = $_POST;

                    define('FORUM_PAGE', 'pun_stop_bots_page');
                    require FORUM_ROOT.'header.php';

                    // START SUBST - <!-- forum_main -->

                    include $ext_info['path'].'/views/question_page.php';

                    $tpl_temp = forum_trim(ob_get_contents());
                    $tpl_main = str_replace('<!-- forum_main -->', $tpl_temp, $tpl_main);
                    // END SUBST - <!-- forum_main -->

                    require FORUM_ROOT.'footer.php';

4. Save
5. Upload
6. Reinstall
7. Add your questions

(That's how I did it on a forum...)

Best would be if authors change extension to make it optional for posts to be questioned and release a new version of course.
But the quick fix is the one above, imho.

OK started new topic for this. Thanks for the report.

You mean this right?

http://keydogbb.info/img/line1.png http://keydogbb.info/img/line2.png


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This is portal by daris in action on 1.4.1



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This is a flaw of the extension

You need to manually delete the code in manifest.xml that is releated to posting (i.e. hook  ".... post ")

        <hook id="po_form_submitted"><![CDATA[

Everything in the hook mentioned above...

Then reinstall....


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Would be good idea to install this extension here... (I would if I could...)
Works perfectly,

If you have
akismet (url spam links) and
fancy_stop_spam (honeypot and stopforumspam protection)
activated guest posting isn't a problem, luckily...

A smallish bug;

If you try and upload images as guest, nothing happens when clicking on buttons for upload...

so either
a. warning that only logged in users or
b. hiding the upload image buttons
might be a good idea.


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check this post:

If you follow instructions, you can find all users with IPs that were used by spammers in last 365 days...

Works on 1.4.1

Check with latest ips:

1. Download 365 IP record zip from stopforumspam.com  (only 1 per IP per day!) [after you've done this once, you can get the 30day record once a month...(for example)]
2. unzip and upload .txt file to root
3. In script change
line 35 to

$filename = FORUM_ROOT.'listed_ip_365_all.txt';

4. upload sfs.php to root and run script

Example: (on PunBB 1.4.1)


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I only mention it because whatever rationale makes you think you would have needed to pay for the mobileswitch extension (indirectly, not actually to the extension author) i.e. commercial distribution would also apply to the PunBB code and the phpBB code, imho.
I guess you can always check with phpBB support though.


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@stonkie; Okay thanks; keep in mind

Parpalak wrote:

If this is a single installation on your server, you can do everything you want.

But if you want to distribute a software that includes PunBB code, you have to release it under GPL license. If you want, I can ask about a commercial license.

EDIT: Please, describe what exactly you want to do with the PunBB code.

So unless Informer Technologies, Inc. gives you permission, you're going to be breaking GPL license terms for PunBB if you use it for a commercial android application...


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@stonkie; thanks for your input.
Couple of points:

1. Captchas are not state of the art anymore, and you're advised against using them [by the largest opensource forum: phpbb3 (using captchas is wasting users time and ineffective) see also: Recent updates to common spamming software have led to severe shortcomings in the stock, image-based CAPTCHAs.]

2. There's a style for mobile devices since mid-2011 that also worked well with mobile devices recogonition extension (mobileswitch): (for 1.3 - pls test it on 1.4 and your device if you can?)

3. All extensions I've ever seen here are GNU GPL.

→ Administration → Settings → Features



can be hidden, removed via .css  (modifications also possible via include/template/main.tpl)

Can you share how you integrated it, and into which Joomla version?
Would be very interesting to post in the wiki and/or on Joomla to get more people developing extensions etc for PunBB (if they know it's used a lot)

Thank you!

This post (at drupal) explains what may be happening
i.e. a sequence table in your database was not updated.

Probably if you post more info on which table is effected, it will be easier to find a solution using the solution in the post linked to above.


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A ban doesn't stop traffic or access to website, it's only banning users logging in. You don't have that problem with the logged in users, right?

If you're sure it's not just one of the search engines such as baidu or yandex you could implement it via .htaccess.

By adding the following code to your .htaccess file, they will be blocked from accessing the site altogether.

order allow,deny
deny from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
deny from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
allow from all


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ekta wrote:

By the way, I kept the old 1.3 CSS because I couldn't adapt 1.4's to my design (to much complicated for me). Would that be the problem ?

Upload the 1.4. CSS  Oxygen template to the board, activate it, and see if it works with it.

Just to be sure;1. you've selected a file, 2. clicked ADD FILE, 3. then clicked submit and you can't see the file as admin?



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I do not know where the setting for the 60 seconds is...

Edit: Shortened big_smile

great extension;
could be useful to add the toggle function for active topics extension (on front page) aswell...

You need to be a junior member (=2 posts) ....
Add it to your post above, and I will transfer it to the forum...

Thank you.