coolternet wrote:

dont work for me ... i have <image> in my signature..

First administrator needs to enable in

→ Administration → Settings → Features

and only then can you also change:

User profile → Settings

fantasma wrote:

what's url_spam

URL Checker Extension


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Great stuff.
I wonder if it would be good idea to
- alert the admin
- or the mailing list
when a user appears as 'last seen' ?
Or do we assume admins and moderators can just check the new users page in the admin section?


Would you mind sharing the code solution you are now using?


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Very nice.

Where can I download latest version ?
(On your github page last update for this extension is a while back...?)


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Do you check IP vs sfs database on posts (line 776 of manifest.xml)? Would be with hook

<hook id="po_end_validation" priority=""><![CDATA[


If anyone is using url_spam and akismet (as I am on a forum)
you may need to change manifest.xml by adding priorities to hooks:

akismet manifest.xml
line 49

 <hook id="po_end_validation" priority="9">

url_spam manifest.xml
line 76

<hook id="po_end_validation" priority="6"><![CDATA[


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As per our discussion on french support site … punbb.html

closing this thread...

hklown wrote:
UPDATE `[database name]`.`[users table name]` SET `pun_bbcode_use_buttons` = '1';

Suggestion for future versions: use enums in DB instead of "1" or "0"- enums are much clearer.

Thanks your solution worked for me...
the simple update of  extension with the line changed hadn't....

Kushi wrote:

Should be some FAQ for this one wink

It's a slippery feature big_smile

Would be more professional to have a global setting...
how can I set it in phpmyadmin to always be on.... ? (see no advantage at all in this feature...)

Audi wrote:

But there's a problem =3 dimkalinux, there isn't a setting in the Administration where you can show or not show the graphical buttons by default. Could you add that or was it intentional?

@dimkalinux: Where is the global setting for this???

abclf wrote:

I would prefer, in my case, active topics at the top, upon forums, thus a option where to put it would be nice (or a tabbed dual option : tab normal view, tab active topic view + cookie).

If you want the topics at top of page, just change first hook






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→ Administration → Start → Forums

edit the forum they're posting too, to see if you have guest posting enabled....


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yes needs to be poster_id 1 .... sorry...


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or check with group_id 2

edit: or poster_id 1 ....


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don't your tables have a prefix?


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if you go to phpmyadmin
go to _posts
sort by id (1 is guest I believe)
then choose 100 or so at a time... you'll have them deleted in 2min....


If I want to change


in your manifest.xml on line 140
to forum name


the post is in....

What's the best way to do this in your extension?

Hey Quadric

Just noticed something;
on a board with URL Scheme File based (fancy)
and on second page of a thread I get a 404 error when trying to post
when I disable your extension I can post again...


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Line 162 of functions.php in pun_tags (1.8.1)

' topic' and  ' topics'

need to be changed to support different languages....


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Source for maps:

then click export and paste between tags OSM

Demo … t-map.html


EDIT: There's a problem with the maps... the embedded map stays the same, even if different latitudes and longitudes are used.... don't know why yet... :S

A while back I had this ajax post rating extension developed (by Salov Radoslav).

Current Features:

  • Allows setting to allow guests to rate

  • Allows setting to allow unlimited number of rating

  • Allows setting to allow only members to rate

  • Adds the IPs of voters to the db

Now I'm looking for someone to add some features to it

Wanted Features:

  • Optional way of showing which members have given positive or negative rating (either by hovering on the + sign, or by clicking somewhere

  • Optional way of showing how many of the votes were from guests and how many from members

  • Add: Stars rating of topics

  • Member should be able to undo a rating

Here's the current version, tested and working on 1.4.1 - Thanks Grez!

Thanks, pasted your code changes here:

I'm thinking it could be good to add the disabling negative responses (like in pun_karma  code)  lines 85 etc...

If anyone wants to add that and re-release - I'd be happy big_smile

Here's the current version, tested and working on 1.4.1 - Thanks Grez!  or

This is still bug on v. 1.1.17 of pun_attachement for PunBB 1.4.x

pun_attach.php   line 26

        list($width, $height,,) = getimagesize($forum_config['attach_icon_folder'].$icon_name); … figuration

suggestions in article:
1) The First Solution: Use Relative File Paths
2) The Second Solution: Use Another PHP Function
3) The Best Solution: Using Server Variables

is number 3 not being used?