What do I need to change to get an image showing in header located at


seen the 1.2 info, but header.php is different in 1.3.x



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Great. Now it works. Just added the 'divx' to /extensions/pun_bbcode/bar.php aswell - as I'm using  bbcode official extension.  (as explained in this forum post for youtube etc). Thx a lot for help! download of step by step instruction for bbcode divx addition in 1.3.2 with pun_bbcode extension.


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@SkyLine: Thanks a lot for that info. Not working for me just yet. Is it possible that the divx tag needs to be defined somewhere?
Posted this code:

[divx width=480 height=360]http://www.mywebsite.bla/xyz/Test.avi[/divx]

and just get this in post at the moment:

http://www.mywebsite.bla/xyz/Test.avi" />http://www.mywebsite.bla/xyz/Test.avi" width="480" height="360" autoPlay="true" type="video/divx" pluginspage="http://go.divx.com/plugin/download/">

@Neck: Yes. I agree. big_smile piece of cake for you no?

EDIT: it keeps wrapping url tags around the path to file... is that normal?

[divx width=480 height=360][url] xxxx [/url][/divx]


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I wondered if DivX Web Player can be supported with this excellent tag tool.
Or what I need to replace to maybe get a Divx/Avi Tag working?

Example I need help with
Actual Web URL which has adress:


and within that post .html this html code is placed:

<object width="480" height="360" 
<param value="http://www.mywebsite.bla/Divx/blabla.jpg" name="previewImage" />
<param value="false" name="autoPlay" />
<param value="true" name="loop" />
<param value="http://www.mywebsite.bla/Divx/blabla.avi"
 name="src" />  

<embed width="480" height="360" 
type="video/divx"></embed>  </object><br />

No video? Get the DivX Web Player for 
<a href="http://download.divx.com/player/DivXWebPlayerInstaller.exe" 
style="text-decoration: underline;">Windows</a>   
or <a href="http://download.divx.com/player/DivXWebPlayer.dmg" 
style="text-decoration: underline;">Mac</a>


How can I integrate DivX Vids with above information.
I tried fiddling round with manifest.xml but

1. I didn't know what to put in array of match or url (lines 70 or so)

2. insted of display flash player one would need something like this?

'<object type="video/divx" data="'.$playerUri.'" width="'.$s['width'].'" 
'<param name="src" value="'.$playerUri.'" />'.    
'<param name="autoPlay" value="false" />'.
'<param name="loop" value="true" />'.
'<p><a href="'.$videoUri.'">[divx (divx web player not installed)]</a></p>'.

So is there a possibility to add .avi support or any ideas?
Thanks a lot!


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As I'm using latest version;
you can add this now


in manifest.xml
gave me warning my version wasn't tested yet.

EDIT: Just added some code to help.php and lang/help.php and changed maxtestedon to 1.3.2  in manifest.xml and have released it here:
http://rapidshare.com/files/172997934/e … _.rar.html

help now looks like this in 2nd paragraph:

You can create links to other documents, e-mail addresses or embed video(new!) using the following tags:

then last item in that paragraph:

[video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aqO07MqLiE[/video] produces  the embedded video in your post. 

suited me. maybe someone finds it usefull.... works in 1.3.2.

2ND EDIT: added words embed and embedded to lang/help  (from prior post)

Wrapping of "item-subject"  (main-item?)

I've noticed in two forums that subject title when longer than width wraps onto next line but with no indent.

How can I fix this? (get it indent on second row aswell)

I'm thinking it's in Oxygen.css round lines 840-890 - but don't know what needs to be added.