Angel wrote:

Ooh, your layout is so soft and calming. I love it!

aeclasik designed it smile

KeyDog wrote:

nice job with the onpunbb btw - didn't know such a simple and free host was available...

thanks onpunbb just opened. is a free, staff-maintained, anime database community where registered users can direct download their favorite HQ ANIME EPISODES. has been in private production for a little over half a year, but now feels like it is soon ready to open to the public so that our service may be tested. We currently have over 100 anime series, 20+ Ongoing anime's which are updated daily (all of which are provided in easy to navigate interface for high quality direct download). Our list includes, but not limited to: Code Geass, Death Note, Elfen Lied, Darker than Black, Hajime no Ippo, Soul Eater, Kenshin + OVAs, Yu Yu Hakusho, and way more.

The current administration consists of myself, and co-founder aeclasik. We are currently looking for some experienced moderators and helpers that enjoy anime and would not mind participating in our forums, fetching the latest episodes of animes, or creating graphics such as banners, and icons for us before we officially launch this Weds on August 26th, 2009.

If you are interested, post in the apply forum
Thanks.   big_smile


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does anyone know how this error was fixed?

Call to a member function escape() on a non-object in /include/functions.php on line 1350

im still getting it and have no idea how to fix it..

Subdomain URLs:
Unlimited posts, threads, members, catagories, forums
FTP access to customize and mod your forum to look the way you want it to
Totaly free, so you have nothing to lose


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heh, afraid not. a list of available extensions can be found here.


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awesome, is this new version also updated in our admincp extensions section?

eh..whats spinkbb?


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both versions probably will be discontinued once punbb 2.0 is released.


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Copy/upload the script turn_off_maintenance_mode.php from the directory extras/ into the forum root directory and run it through your browser. A message will appear when the operation has completed. Don't forget to remove the script from the forum root directory when finished.


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when should we expect to see the next pun release?


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Slavok wrote:

Good work. I have registered, but I can't connect to the server via FTP.

fantasma wrote:

yes good work, same problem for me.

FTP problem should be fixed. For quick reference, your FTP information is now accessible in your forums ACP.


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Thanks for registering guys, there have been several complaints about some users not being able to login: a fix for this is in the works.


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There has been some major systemwide changes made to address several vulnerabilities and signup issues. All forum accounts have been wiped so you will have to re-register.

Read more here:


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Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce my new project OnPunBB is a free PunBB forum host that offers a unique array of features to customize your board. Some of our distinguishable features include a free subdomain and FTP account with unmetered space for your extensions and skins. Our system is currently running the latest PunBB version (1.3.4) and will continue to update whenever a new release comes out.

This has been a one man job, and so I've been working on it privately for several months and invested alot of time and hard work into this. Its not quite done, but it will. and i would LOVE some help. so heres the board URL:

As we are currently in beta, the website is currently looking for some fresh new users to testdrive our new system. Also, If you come across any bugs, post them in our support forum and we will work them out.

For the most part, I'm open to any suggestions that the community feels may improve this project - Powered by PunBB 1.3.4



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nvmd, phpsafemode was on. fixed.


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whenever i try to install an extension i get this error:

ERROR! Files could not be extracted from the downloaded archive. The next errors appear while extracting:
Error while opening {'../extensions/pun_bbcode/styles.css'} in write binary mode

any idea why?

close enough, thanks.

can this be done? thx.

thats just a matter of grabbing topic data from the punbb SQL tables..relatively easy if you know a little php.


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nice thanks yonash i was lookin for something exactly like this too! gj man:)

this needs to be for threads and posts too. sigh this should be in the core.

there needs to be a mod that allows admins to verify the registration of a new user manually, like in vbulletin the user goes to somethin called moderation queue until an admin approves his account or w/e.

eh itd be useful for a number of diff scenarios. sometimes id like to see which few of my threads have received the most attention in a specific forum and ordering them by DESC or ASC would make that alot easier to isolate.


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basically this … in/page/4/

for 1.3 though


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idk about all that im just talking about my name not appearing as Online even though im logged in, alot of other popular bb software (such as phpbb) already have this feature in their core anyways, shouldnt be too hard.