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I have a local forum and a live forum who run both under PunBB 1.3.x.  I installed them last winder for style demo after I had a style request.
On the same time, I was board admin on a paid host service for already one year.  But during the winter, the host admin have vanished and the domain expired, leaving us staff outside.  So I decided to gather them on one of my four live test boards (phpBB2, phpBB3, PunBB 1.3.2 and Connectix Boards).  The other ex-board admin chose PunBB, so we the eight refugee staff members met up on the PunBB forum and we first decided to close registration after the last of the 8 refugees registered.
Then recently, we voted to reopen the forum to new registrants, so other people we knew on other boards can join us.

And so, I switched the style back to the default one (up to now, I was using the style I made for the request) and I would like to make a new one.

But before all of that, I want to upgrade both forums (the local one and the live one - the only extension installed on both of them is the pun_repository), and since I'm two versions backwards, I have a few questions :
- Does the "changed files only" archive includes the database update script ?
- If not (for the previous question) and if I have to use the full pack, do I have to upgrade to 1.3.3, then upgrade to 1.3.4, or I just need the 1.3.4 pack ?

Thanks in advance for the answers.


Ok, thanks.



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Canada - Correct

I bump this topic, so a dev sees it.

Thanks ^^
You can view the final version on my test forum : http://ishimaru-design.servhome.org/tests/punbb13/

For now, I don't plan new punbb skins (unless I receive another request), I'm already very busy : lately, I had a phpBB3 style modification request and a XHTML/CSS-coded webdesign, then I'm currently on a new webdesign request.

By the fact of having no response from a moderator, I edited my title, to specify that this bug is present in Oxygen and I found a CSS fix that I suggest to reposition the links correctly in the next version.


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Does it happen with the Oxygen style ?  With which browse does it happen ?

God damn... I noticed my file wasn't saved correctly.  While looking on my gedit bar to see if I was editing the correct file, I saw the little * beside the filename, which means I didn't save the changes I did after the last save !  I saved the changes, then OMG, my links have moved !!!  So I could finally align them correctly !

Here are the fixes for IE6 stylesheet :

/*Contact links correction */
.brd .postfoot .post-contacts {
    padding: 0.6em 0 0.2em 0;
    margin: 0 0 0 1.3em;

ah ok.

This means we have no other choice but to wait for someone else's help.


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The only problem with the background is that it isn't fixed, so as we scroll, we see the pic's edges.

Paste these properties where you have put the background image, if you used the background-image property :

background-attachment: fixed;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top center;

If a megaproperty (background instead of background-image) is used, just add fixed among the values.

Garciat wrote:

I'd love to try to fix this, but I'm on Windows 7 and MultipleIEs won't work.

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Weren't you a Ubuntu user ?


I have almost finished a custom style for a request, but now I'm facing a last problem which seems to be a bug : Tests under IE6 revealed a positioning problem regarding the "E-mail" and "Website" links : they are outside the page layout.

I took screenshots, so I can show you the problem :

Custom style : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/ … t-mail.png
You see the email link being outside the page layout.

Oxygen style : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/ … n-mail.png
You can't even see the link because the forum is wider and so, the link is completely outside the window.

For those who are wondering, I'm using IEs4linux which is an adaptation of IE6 who can be installed and runned on Linux throught Wine (with or without PlayOnLinux front-end).

I give some news : I tested this change and it works great, even under IE6 !

Now all is left is that email link issue under ie6 and after that, I will be able to make the zip file.

I'll give news if I have trouble solving the email link outside the layout.

EDIT : Can't seem to find how to solve it.  And Oxygen seems to have the same problem.

Custom style : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/ … t-mail.png
You see the email link being outside the page layout.

Oxygen style : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/ … n-mail.png
You can't even see the link because the forum is wider and so, the link is completely outside the window.

I'll post a bug report.

[EDIT] Posted : http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/122872/#p122872

I'll try it later on daytime.   And I'll also try under IE6 (IEs4linux) to see if the negative value works.

Garciat wrote:

Woah, I can't believe I forgot about this. I'll check it out immediately.Edit:I don't see what's wrong with the redirect page. (Apart from the white corners)

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The upper part isn't visible.  There's supposed to be corners at the top as well.


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I'm not gonna try it, for the main reason that my PC isn't powerful enough for running it.  I'm fine with my Ubuntu who's more stable than my XP who tends to blackout suddenly (mostly while you're doing something, like writing a post, changing a code line or graphing) then reboot.

I have someone who's waiting for this style to be finished, and I can't give him the zip as long as this redirection page issue isn't fixed !

Any news ?

And I just can't dare to think about PM'ing just for support, it's contrary to my moderator's past :  I was moderator on Forumotion support forum for two years, and I used to hate receiving support requests by PM unless it was for lost passwords.

(begins to think seriously about posting a new topic instead of bumping this one...)


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I don't have this problem on my side, without any modification and under Firefox 3.

Have you changed anything (extensions, CSS, etc.) ?

Which browser (IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc.) are you using ?


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> Garciat : Yes, I'm a girl big_smile

Another thing that's not fun to do naked : Going outside in the middle of winter, when you live in Québec !

Anyone ?


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It's the same glitch than the one I reported : http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ooter-132/

After a small discussion with the client, I'm finally trying to put a similar layout for redirect pages and help pages.  But while my bottom part (very high to wrap the longest page), I can't display the upper part, whatever I try.

Zip file : http://ishimaru-design.servhome.org/divers/i-tchat2.zip

Image files for the redirect and help pages : redirect-header.png and redirect-footer.png

Why two pics ?  Because when I first tried to apply the repeating part in the first DIV in main pages, it didn't wrap the whole page.

And my codes in _cs

#brd-page .brd {
    background: # url(redirect-footer.png) no-repeat bottom center;

#brd-page .brd .main {
    background: # url(redirect-header.png) no-repeat top center;

Thanks in advance.


I just come to give some more news : Since my standalone Ie6 decided to crash everytime I launch it, I finally installed IEs4linux on Ubuntu with PlayOnLinux (a front-end who makes the use of Wine more accessible).  For Linux users who are interested, here's their official website : http://www.playonlinux.com/en/

Finally, more fear than harm : The IE issue I had came actually from a IE Tab bug who is using IE7's rendering engine while interpreting IE6 conditional comments and so, that's why the display problems in the login page.

I looked in the Start menu and I actually found Internet Explorer 7 in the applications list.

And for the icon on my desktop, I think it has something to do with the IE Tab bug and Multiple IEs.  So, I just created a new shortcut to IE7 and then, I will temporarily deactivate IE Tab and use the real IE7 for tests.  The login page finally looks OK under IE7.