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No answer from the experts! I think dats a bad Idea. Thanks to Ian for encouraging.


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Guys i think its high time punbb developers thought about classifieds tool. I think it will be cool if there is user friendly classified tool or extension. Considering the increasing users of internet, it can be said that after two or three years, everybody would seek for free classified ads showing site. Business among the countries will be easier. I think i couldn't make the real discussion but anyway, you people shall think about it.


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Shan't we think of one thing? Websites these days are not taken as just a showpiece. People who make websites think about earning money too. And everybody knows how sweet the taste of money is. So don't just think about the annoyance. Rather think how to make that extension. You might not use but many of us will be happy to see that running.


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Sorry. I didn't know. But the developers will make it soon I think. big_smile


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Ya they are so helpful. You too. lol


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Ow great. What about ads being appear right after every post? And does this support bidvertiser too? We will be waiting for the extension. I have started counting 3...2...1... big_smile You know what I need now.


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Thanks. It is all because you advised. big_smile


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I think it would be a great idea if the punbb developers can make a CHATROOM EXTENSION which will have these certain features:
1. The chatroom will open itself in a new window.
2. It will be easily installed.
3. It will have a private chat function(optional)
4. Who will directly visit the chatroom will need to login there, and with that login he or she will also be permitted to log in the forum(optional)


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It seems that I have got two friends now, Keydog and Graciat. Others don't help sad I will do what you advise smile


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Didn't find a good chatroom yet. sad


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I am now in your site. big_smile


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Really? What shall I do now? I have 1.3.2 installed.


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As i can't install mods (I have told in Troubleshooting) my plan is to use extension.
My users want more SMILIES, GOOD CHAT(I have used the one in punbb resource), REPUTATION extensions
Third one couldn't understand. tongue
I have heard that in a forum. I can't remember.
Now help me please wink


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The Attachment Mod
The Ajax Chat Mod
The Reputation Mod

I need second's solution now. I can't find the
<?php if (count($user_info)) echo "\t\t\t\t\t".implode('</dd>'."\n\t\t\t\t\t", $user_info).'</dd>'."\n";


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Hi i have made a forum using punbb engine. I have installed an extension of chatting. It works well. But the bothering thing is that it appears in the main page. I couldn't install mods and i have written about it in trouble shooting. Please tell me how can i get a great CHAT EXTENSION which will not appear in the index page and have a good quality? And please answer the question on punbb 1.3 troubleshooting too. Thank you very much. http://forum.vinivcvd.com is my site. Please tell what shall I do? I need to install a good one.


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I am facing problems while installing mods. I can't find all the lines that are written in read me. This is troubling me and i have to choose extensions right now. Please help me to solve how can i install these mods if i can't find the lines?


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Hi all. I have a question rising in mind about extensions. Shall i use extension or use mods? I heard that if there are too many extensions there may be a confliction between them. Does mods do these too? Please write in wiki about installing mods in details with pictures. And please forgive if i made any mistakes in this topic. big_smile

I will try big_smile

Thanks To you friend. Also thanks to the MODERATORS for changing the topic. But can't I really change CHMOD writing in php? I think you guys will help me out and assure me sad

It is meaningful to me sad  But sorry as it is my first post. And yes I contacted my host. They told to remove microsoft extension. I did so. But nothing happened. That's  why I asked for you guy's help. Thanks for giving a reply. And sorry anyway.

thanks. But i dont know about virtual/dedicated. What will i do if it is a dead attempt? i am just sick of these and please tell me right away if i can install punbb or not. yikes

Can u please tell in details?

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Hi i am a new user. I am having problem with my installation of punbb. I have installed it anyway but when i go to index.php it says that IT CANT WRITE THE CACHE
                  IT CANT WRITE THE AVATAR
It's notable that I use WINDOWS. I have heard something about CHMOD and I changed the permission to 777 but nothing happened. In my control panel>file manager there is no option of changing the permission. So I used filezilla, smartftp, but none of them works. I also went to ftp browser from my explorer but in them there is no properties for changing read only mode. It just says NO RIGHT TO READ OR WRITE. So see I have done everything but problem remains. Can anyone tell How Can I Solve The Problem? If can please tell with details(including picture). PLEASE HELP ME.