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Wow, you just became my best friend smile

Outputting the database in XML format allows for easy migration of your data.


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Anatoly wrote:

Forking seemed to be a great fun for some community members. Looking at the results in half a year, I'd say it was not really useful for both communities.

Forking should of happened when Rickard sold the rights to PunBB, then both communities would of went their own ways. At this point, bringing both communities back together doesn't appear likely to happen.

I keep going back to the punbb.org domain change, even though it may seem trivial and not a big deal. But in the eyes of volunteers, those that have hung around for years, helping Rickard and Paul, it is huge. Everything that Rickard wanted to do, he discussed it with us first, all you have to do is go back in this forum and read old threads.

I fully understand Informer's position, but Informer has to understand that you can't do drastic changes without some kind of community consent. Because a community has to feel like they are part of the proceedings, or else they cease to care. And when they cease to care, they stop volunteering, they stop manning the support forums, they stop contributing plugins, themes and adding to the wiki, and last but not least, they stop recommending your product.

Open Source is a fragile process, we are learning it's nuances daily.

Make a new install, use a different database. Then edit the config.php to point to your old database.


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sirena wrote:

Offer porn and warez. Popularity will explode.

Don't give away our secrets now wink

parpalak wrote:

I've just installed the last version from SVN. Is it ok? Or is it better to disable the extension?

My opinion is that extensions should add functionality, rather than supersede what we've become accustomed to.

I like the Quick quote functionality, especially how you can quote a couple of posts at a time and watch it populate the Quick reply textarea. But I miss the old functionality of just pressing Quote and a bigger textarea opens up at the top letting me formulate my reply with a bit more breathing room.

So I don't see why we can't have both, or am I missing something?

Garciat wrote:

No, really, what's the point of the reply link.

I'm wondering what's the point of enabling an extension that shows badly.

Whoever happens on this forum for the first time will most assuredly get a very bad impression. This just proves that it's extensions that will drive the future of PunBB, not a slim, stable, elegant core. Sad.

Paul, I know where you're coming from cause I've been there.

Let me just say that you need more than a hammer in your tool chest if you're going to make a table wink

paulrobert_a wrote:

For the purpose of the website I'm creating any extra software is complete overkill (Why are they so damn big?)

Yeah, I don't care for bloated apps either. But, PunBB is a forum, and thus has features directed towards carrying on a discussion. While a CMS or Blog has features to create and nicely display articles, commenting being an afterthought.

I use Textpattern, it has RPC built in, which I've tested with Live Writer. The zip download for Textpattern 4.0.7 weighs in at 361kb, smaller than PunBB 1.3.1 at 397kb.

Ok, I'll bite.

Why would you need a desktop app to post to a forum?


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Just wondering when the Informer team plans on implementing PunBB 1.3 into their own sites:



Cross promotion goes both ways, doesn't it?


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Garciat wrote:

Huh, where's that? ...

^^ Right above wink

Yeah, it would be nice to see new blog posts. I've been reading Anatoly's personal wiki page for news.


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Hello fellow PunBB users.
November 26th, 2008

We finally launched PunBB 1.3, oh happy day!

Will post again soon, time permitting.

Strofanto wrote:

The one I can think of is a CSS solution but it will make the horizontal scrollbar appear as well

Try this: html {overflow-y: scroll;}


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http://trends.google.com/trends?q=PunBB … amp;sort=0

PS. http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/65124.html


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http://trends.google.com/trends?q=PunBB … amp;sort=0

I found the announcement on this forum fitting:


Currently used extensions: pun_repository, pun_pm, pun_bbcode, pun_quote. Copyright © 2008 PunBB
[ Generated in 0.024 seconds, 5 queries executed ]

Without the above two lines, the forum would look cleaner - just an opinion.

Yes, I meant the Akismet table.

Talking on the phone and posting has it's drawbacks wink

That was fast smile

I don't have 1.3 installed, but I looked over the code.

I guess you did away with the Akismet table?

Garciat wrote:

A 1.3 update?

An update for 1.2, an extension for 1.3 wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Seems like the original author of the 1.2 plugin has not been around to address bugs and updates. So someone has to pick up where he left off.

This plugin is badly in need of an update, it's become an invaluable part of my installs.

Smartys fixed an issue in the thread at Punres, which I've done on my installs. I also came across the slow down problem and updated the PHP5 Akismet class to 0.4 from 0.2 (ships with the plugin).


Bots are targeting PunBB like there's no tomorrow. They first read your user list, then come up with some random user, they acknowledge the rules screen and obviously confirm the registration email that's sent out. It's become very sophisticated and these f*cking bots are eating up tremendous amounts of bandwidth.

IMHO, you should disable pun_quote until you iron out the issues.

Whenever I hit reply, I get this:

An error was encountered

Page Not found (Error 404): The requested page post/119740/post.php could not be found.
Anatoly wrote:

Added to PunBB 2.0.

Are we there yet?


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Anatoly wrote:

Informer's interest are end-users themselves. Our aim is to offer them other Company's services and to get money from advertising/charging there. We really would like to make all our services better (best with time) and to integrate them into forum extensions (as soon as it is requested by end-users).

Interesting smile