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MattF wrote:

They can't charge for extensions created by members.

They can charge for access to a well done repository. A repository you can access from your admin screens, that checks for updates, let's you peruse what's out there and installs it for you. If an extension that's made by a member happens to be on the list of available, installable extensions, does that hurt or help said member?

Now if we want to compensate members for their work via some mechanism to track installed extensions, well that would be a win-win for everybody.


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Anatoly wrote:

No plans to charge users now.

I think the plan is to give away the razor and charge for the blades.

PunBB will remain free but Extensions will cost money down the line. It's the only viable way I see to keep PunBB going, since the staff of PunBB are paid employees, not volunteers.


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Just got a chuckle out of this smile



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And then one day you find two years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

I was planning on it but the loooonnnngggg wait for 1.3 changed my plans.

Try the feed aggregator - http://www.punres.org/desc.php?pid=373

Anatoly wrote:

I can't say now for how long.

If and when you stop support for 1.2, you'll open the door to someone putting up their own community support site.

On the subject of support, this forum should be split up between 1.3 and 1.2, like the phpBB forums have done. At present it's just too confusing, a support question may come in and there is no way to determine what they are running. And since I run 1.2, I may just want to concentrate my views and feeds to just those forums.

It took years for 1.2 to gain such an audience, I would suspect that 1.3 could take as long to have converts.


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Anatoly wrote:

Congratulations! PunBB 1.3 is finished.

I thought I was dreaming smile

Congrats to everyone involved, from Rickard to the current team.

compengi wrote:

It would be nice also to have a configuration for CMS categories such that category "software" should be posted in punbb in forum number "#" and so on.

You're in luck, it was one of my desires and Radek added it to the plugin: Category option to map categories to forums, click edit next to category.

MattF wrote:

To be truthful though Bert, Anatoly and the other Devs have become far better at communicating and taking advice on board than they were initially.

Yes, I agree, it's gotten much better than it was at first.


Maybe this Nucleus plugin may interest you?: http://bertgarcia.org/nupusi:punbb:tutorials:np_punbb

I ran Nucleus for a couple of years, very nice Blog system.

Anatoly wrote:
hcgtv wrote:

Remember one thing Anatoly, this is Open Source.

Why do you specially emphasize this for me?

Well, you seem to be the project leader. I would address it to your boss, but he prefers to stay behind the scenes.

I emphasized open because it's very important, and it doesn't just mean the code base. Open communication is more important to a project than having anonymous SVN access. Anyone can spit code out for all to see, it's those projects that first and foremost value transparency that garner the strong community. An excellent example of this is Joomla!, when they split from Mambo, they opened up to their community, what ensued was nothing short of amazing.

Anatoly, Slava, Roman and Mikhail. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Anatoly wrote:
hcgtv wrote:

I don't feel part of the Informer community

You are the community, and it is in your hands too.

If it was in my hands, I would of voted against the punbb.informer.com domain name change wink

Remember one thing Anatoly, this is Open Source.

I wish you and your programmers the best, and I hope that Pun lives on.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

Also, why have you not just switched to Phorum as you planned to?

I'm learning it at this point, using it as my personal forum and at a new project we started.

I await the finished conversion script, so I can convert my last 2 PunBB forums.

All Phorum needs is a slick template, just haven't had the time to make one.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

One question, why have you Bert stuck with PunBB and not jumped ship for FluxBB?

I was part of the PunBB team, till the sale: PunBB - Glasnost

When FluxBB was announced, I was very enthusiastic, and joined their forums. But I just couldn't shake the fact that they all sold out, and didn't want to go through the same thing again without assurances.

Personally, I follow the PunBB forums because I still run the code. I don't feel part of the Informer community, changing the domain from PunBB.org was the last straw for me.

At present, I think the projects are playing a game of chicken with each other. All momentum has been lost, on both sides.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

All that's fair except I don't think the part regarding "millions of dollars of funding" is applicable for WordPress, and only applicable for Drupal very recently.

Automattic raised $29.5 million in a Series B Round of funding.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

They both got to where they are on the strength of what they offered their respective communities.

Also, it comes down to leadership. Dries Buytaert and Matt Mullenweg took their respective code bases to new heights. What they started, they finished.

Had Dean Allen continued with Textpattern, when he branched off to form Textdrive. We would have a very different landscape in the CMS/Blog world this day.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

I would personally prefer a stronger user base, but maybe PunBB is the project that will be on the top of the heap in 3-5 years?

That's a question that only Anatoly and his fellow programmers can answer. Speaking as a long time community member, I would like to see the project stick around for the long haul. As for top of the heap, that's only going to come about when a forum realizes that they are just one part of the big picture and starts making it easier to integrate itself with a CMS, Blog, Gallery, Wiki or any other application a web developer needs to fuse together.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

I wish I could just contribute but I already spend all my free time organizing web entrepreneurs locally via http://atlantawebentrepreneurs.org and don't have any other free time. I obviously do "contribute", only I do it in other ways.

Ahh, so your only a community organizer wink

MikeSchinkel wrote:
hcgtv wrote:

Mike, remember one thing, this is Open Source and it plays by different rules than commercial software. Where number of users counts for bottom line revenue for vBulletin, a project like PunBB was created and nurtured out of personal love of programming. Rickard never imagined it would garner the number of followers it did and he never marketed the product, it was the community that pushed it out there.

Bottom line there are benefits to the size of a user base, i.e. Acquia couldn't exist to support Drupal users if Drupal had no more users than PunBB. The fact that you don't value those benefits does not mean that those benefits do not exist for those who value them.

Worse is the fact you try to discredit those benefits rather than to simply acknowledge that for you those benefits are not important. Whenever I come across someone who feels compelled to strenuously deny those things that other's value I wonder if the person doing the denying is trying harder to convince me or are they really just trying to convince themselves?

I can't see where my statement discredits anything or anyone.

Mike, the only reason you're looking at Drupal or Wordpress is because they are at the top of the heap now, with millions of dollars of funding. It's the nobody gets fired for using IBM mantra that was pervasive during my IT career.

Honestly, I have the highest regard for Drupal, I used it when it was a small project and I followed it's developer mailing list. Yes, I shot the breeze with Dries back in 2001, so I'm happy to see him get to where he's at.

Would I of liked to see PunBB get to Drupal's heights? Why, yes. Would Rickard or Paul, obviously not. Did that sway me from using their code? Not one bit.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

1.) when I have a problem and google for it I am more likely to find an answer

The larger and more complex the system, the more questions and problems will arise. That's why I stick with simple systems.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

2.) when I need to hire someone who knows it I am more likely to find someone who does

You should hire someone with broad based experience. Anyone can memorize the backend of Drupal or Wordpress, but throw them MODx and see what he or she can accomplish.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

3.) when I need to acquire an add-on there is a greater likelihood that one will exist.

Addons can be a security nightmare, a lot of the attempts to crack into PHPXref are using known Mambot vulnerabilities. But I hear you and addons, if really needed, can be useful. But more often, addons are thrust upon users that don't really see the need for them.

MikeSchinkel wrote:

I do value what you value here, just not as highly as I value popularity.

Mike, remember one thing, this is Open Source and it plays by different rules than commercial software. Where number of users counts for bottom line revenue for vBulletin, a project like PunBB was created and nurtured out of personal love of programming. Rickard never imagined it would garner the number of followers it did and he never marketed the product, it was the community that pushed it out there.

Hi Mike,

If we had a dollar for every thread that required us to defend Pun, the community would own Pun now wink

The reason I use Pun, is the same reason I've steered clear of Drupal/Wordpress/Mambo and use Textpattern. I'm into small code bases, the less lines of code, the easier it is to install and keep secure. The Pun 1.2 code base is fast, bug free and secure. I trust it on my server, where I would have qualms with other popular forum software. Popularity doesn't necessarily equate to better, just compare Windows to Linux or Mac OS X.

Pun, from the start, was created to be a forum. Unlike incarnations like the Drupal forum module or Mambots disguised as a forum, like Simpleboard. I truly believe that there are best of breed apps, mainly because there are best of breed developers. Those that have worked on Pun are forum developers, they got their heads into creating a discussion based app, it wasn't an afterthought like bbPress.

Like the tag line says, you have to experience Pun for yourself.

GT wrote:

Don't know if anyone posted this yet: http://www.quommunication.com/forum/

Nice, really nice.

As for the copyright, Rickard had already stated a while back that it was fine to remove it and PunBB 1.2.19 does not contain the line in a default install.


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Here are the changed files from PunBB 1.2.17 to 1.2.19:

/include/email.php - http://punbb.informer.com/trac/changeset/244
/include/parser.php - http://punbb.informer.com/trac/changeset/245, http://punbb.informer.com/trac/changeset/258
moderate.php - http://punbb.informer.com/trac/changeset/246
profile.php - http://punbb.informer.com/trac/changeset/247
userlist.php - http://punbb.informer.com/trac/changeset/243

The rest of the files contained in the changed files zip are copyright changes, so long Rickard, and url changes from punbb.org to punbb.informer.com.


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The PunBB trunk copyrights update makes the changed files zip contain more files than were actually changed due to issues found.

I think it would be better to have the changed files zip only to contain what files need updating, this would speed up the adoption of these security patches.

Also, should this release announcement be on the front page?



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Looks good.


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Avatars seem to be broken.


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quaker wrote:

hcgtv, man u dug out my old photos of a chic i took pics of.. i remembered that from the topic of a punbb logo..

Yeah, that's when we were working on a logo for PunBB 1.3. I still like this logo idea, though it may be a bit risque.

Here's a banner: